4 Family Fun Day Ideas That Get You Out Of The House

Family Fun Day Ideas

Playing games together has been a popular family quality time activity for decades, and you do not have to stay home to have a fun family game day. Whether you are looking for something a little competitive, practicing skills that will be useful in organized sports, or bonding with a cooperative activity, there are a few great family fun day games and activities that will get you out of the house.

1. Batting Cages

If you are looking for a way to get everyone moving, batting cages are a low-stakes way to have some fun that you can enjoy with kids or teenagers. If you have little ones starting Little League, it gives you a chance to hand out some pointers. It’s also a good chance to blow off steam positively, so if things have been frustrating around the house lately, it might be a good idea to get everyone out for some time with a bat.

2. Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are a relatively new activity, but they are popular, and you can find them in most mid-sized cities in the U.S. now. They’re based on video games with similar structures, and they have been hailed as great team-building and collaborative problem-solving activities by corporate trainers and educators.

The concept is simple. The players enter a room that is then locked for the duration of the game. Inside the room are clues to the location of the key or other items needed to open the door. Players work through the series of clues using a combination of trivia knowledge, tools provided, and reasoning skills to find their way out before time expires.

The versatility of the escape room puzzle is one big reason for its popularity. The story that goes with the puzzle can be tilted toward suspense, horror, comedy, or just about any other genre. It is also easy to calibrate it to the audience. Family-friendly and safe-for-work escape rooms Draper make great outings for groups with school-aged kids and teenagers.

3. Go Karts

Kids love the chance to drive, but there are limited opportunities to let them do it safely outside of video games. A day at the track can give your whole family the chance to enjoy the thrill of the race in a safe, monitored environment.

4. Driving Ranges

Hitting a bucket of balls might be a slower-paced activity than a day in a batting cage, but it provides you with the chance to work out a lot of the same muscles and then some. Whether the goal is working on techniques to pass down your practice and knowledge or just having fun on a sunny afternoon, it’s an inexpensive way to let everyone have some golfing fun without walking an entire course with kids in tow.

Get Out Of The House In Any Season

Some options like batting cages and escape rooms work well even when it is wet or cold because they have indoor locations that are comfortable year-round. Keep that in mind as you plan your activities each season.

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