How To Avoid Common Mistakes On Your Wedding Day

How To Avoid Common Mistakes On Your Wedding Day

Pulling off the perfect wedding takes a lot of work and money. Unfortunately, not everything goes according to plan on the big day. Luckily, these issues are easy to fix with some quick problem-solving on the spot. Here are some of the most common wedding day disasters and ways to resolve them:

Having Family Drama

Family drama is one of the most common wedding day disasters that couples fear, rom-coms are built around it, and even wedding experts can have trouble dealing with it. While it may sound like a big deal, it is often a simple fix that can be solved by putting things into perspective and not taking it personally. For example, if your college friend brings her new boyfriend and a whole new set of family dynamics that weren’t included on your guest list, just let them know they were welcome and talk to the venue about accommodating the additional bodies. This way, the unexpected doesn’t ruin your wedding day plans but can still become a great story to tell later. Prevent this wedding day disaster by communicating with your guests about tricky family dynamics in advance and ensuring they know their seating arrangements and the venue during the rehearsal dinner. Having a destination wedding would make this harder, so hire a wedding shuttle service for your guest. Arrange their transportation according to families to avoid drama along the way.

You’re Not A Morning Person

No matter how hard you try to get your bridesmaids to sleep well the night before, those few always wake up feeling like the world’s worst version of themselves. And this could lead to a few smudges on their lips or even worse. Have your wedding party try on their gowns a few days beforehand to make sure everything fits properly to prevent this. Also, bring a fashion-emergency kit with double-sided fashion tape, safety pins, and all the bobby pins you own, so you can quickly solve any wardrobe mishaps. Having someone in charge of collecting end-of-the-night items (guest books, gifts, stationery, dessert) is another great way to avoid things going walkabout. Entrust this job to one of your bridesmaids or even a close friend.

You’re Staining Your Gown

Food, drink, makeup, and so much more are near your dress throughout the day – leaving your gown susceptible to stains. Whether it’s red wine from your wedding reception or sweat from the dance floor, these marks are difficult to remove and need professional care. If you get a stain, start by blotting it to remove excess liquid. Avoid rubbing, which will only spread or enlarge the mark. Covering the stain with cornstarch, baby powder, or chalk can hide it while you wait for a professional cleaner. A safety pin is also helpful, as these can quickly fix a loose button or strap. Also, a soap bar can help lubricate a sticky zipper without damaging your gown.

You’re Staining Someone’s Dress

When you’ve spent so much money on your big day, it is understandable to want everything to go perfectly. However, stains and wardrobe malfunctions are bound to happen. Fortunately, you may implement several fast remedies to avoid this wedding day calamity. It’s a good idea to have your bridesmaids try on their dresses a few days before the big day so you can see if there are any rips or sizing issues. You can also ask one of your trusted friends to carry a mini sewing kit, chalk, safety pins and fashion tape to fix any problems. Ensure you communicate clearly with all your design-related vendors about the type of decor you want, and don’t be afraid to ask for samples. That way, they’ll know what you envision for your special day.

You’re Sick

There’s nothing worse than feeling under the weather on your wedding day, especially if it makes you look pale and sickly. To combat this, have your makeup artist come armed with hydrating balms, skin depuffers and moisture-packed lip treatments to brighten up that sallow semblance. Also, talk to your doctor about your symptoms so they can give you the go-ahead to get married if the condition isn’t too serious. They might also advise you on the best over-the-counter medications to have with you on your big day. Despite all your planning, the unexpected can still happen. Be ready with a plan B by setting up time for vendors to call in to avoid surprises, reviewing your vendor contracts to see their cancellation policy, and purchasing wedding insurance to aid with refunds and rescheduling.

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