Why It Makes More Sense To Lease Than To Buy The Australian Company Vehicle

Lease Australian Company Vehicle

As the owner of your Australian business, it is down to you to try to be able to cut corners when it comes to saving money but not at the expense of excellent customer service and products. It is so competitive out there that you need to do whatever you can to help reduce the costs of doing business so that you can pass on the savings to your current customers and all the potential customers out there. Every business needs at least one company vehicle and if you are tempted to buy the car or van outright then you need to stop for a moment and think.

In the vast majority of cases, it makes a lot more sense to lease the vehicle that you need and you can turn to the people who offer a novated lease to provide you with the information that you need to make a more informed decision for your business. Get the notion out of your head that all leases are the same because they are certainly not and taking out a lease agreement with this company affords you the following benefits.

It Can Be A Tax Deduction

The Australian government in their wisdom allows you to lease a vehicle for your business and you can write it off as a tax deduction. This is fantastic news indeed and as it is a business expense, it makes perfect sense that you could do this very thing. Rather than handing all of your money over the counter to pay for the vehicle in full, it makes more sense to lease it for the duration and you will find that it will end up costing you much less.

It Doesn’t Suffer From Depreciation

Everybody wants to have a new car smell and it is entirely possible when you lease a vehicle because you will be getting a new car or van anyway. Once that is out of the way, you also need to factor in the amount of depreciation that the new vehicle loses when you buy it out right. You have the option of changing your car over time when you sign a lease agreement.

You Put Your Best Foot Forward

Everything in business is about creating the right first impression and finding something that separates you from your closest competitors. Driving around in a brand-new vehicle is sure to impress potential customers because they will see your business as a great success and so they will want to be a part of that. If you buy a company vehicle for your staff members then they will be more than happy to be driving around in a brand-new vehicle and so the staff will be highly motivated.

These are just three excellent reasons why leasing your vehicle makes a lot more sense than buying it outright. This is money that you can put back into the business that will create more profits, attract new customers and will help to expand your current customer base.

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