Star Wars Black-Bladed Lightsabers: History, Features & More

Star Wars Black-Bladed Lightsabers

Unlike standard lightsabers, the black-bladed saber is the most powerful, unique in quality, and highly demanded in the Star Wars universe.

Wielded by many warriors, from menacing Darth Vader to expert duelist Din Djarin, this saber is considered the most sought-after weapon in the Star Wars Universe. To have the most astonishing blade like Darksaber is indeed a dream for thousands of fans.

Fortunately, we have a way to make the dream come true. The lightsaber industry has introduced the Star Wars black series lightsabers for the fans who admire Darksaber.

Now fans, too, can feel the power of the most potent weapon of the Star Wars Universe. But before that, you must be aware of the black blade you adore.

Let’s discover the history and find out what was special about it.

A Brief History Of Black-Bladed Lightsabers

The unique black saber, known as Darksaber, was created by Tarre Vizsla. He was the first Mandalorian to be accepted into the Jedi Order. After he passed away, the saber was kept in the Jedi Temple.

The powerful weapon was stolen by the members of House Vizsla and by 21 BBY, Pre Vizsla, the leader of House Vizsla and Death Watch. He kept the weapon during the Clone Wars.

Vizsla got killed in a duel with Sith Lord Maul. Taking the saber along, Maul seized the chance to lead Death Watch. Maul used the saber to fight battles.

After him, the Mandalorian weapon expert Sabine Wren reclaimed the darksaber. She trained herself with the saber and became a rightful wielder of the black blade after combating Viceroy Gar Saxon. On successfully rescuing her father from imperial custody, she offers the saber to Lady Bo-Katan Kryze.

However, Bo hesitated to accept the leadership initially. After the Night of a Thousand Tears, she yielded the weapon to Moff Gideon in order to stop the Great Purge of Mandalore.

Finally, Din Djarin claims the Darksaber in combat while rescuing the Force-sensitive foundling Grogu.

The traditional sword was meant to be owned by someone who defeats the current wielder. That’s how the saber was passed down to generations.

How Is Black Blade Different From Other Sabers?

Not just by name but also in properties, the Mandalorian saber was entirely unique, 90 centimeters long and thin.

Like other sabers with Kyber crystal at the core of the hilt, Darksaber also contained a crystal that served as a conduit to the Force.

The hilt was made from Beskar; the blade was slit-shaped, hand-guarded, and angular pommel. The wielder’s thoughts and actions were responsible for engineering the blade’s power.

The darksaber, being a symbol of leadership, forges desires in many hearts to possess a unique saber like it and lead the world.

There are several other benefits of having a Star Wars black series lightsaber.

Unique Saber In Your Collection

Suppose you’re thinking of buying a new blade and stepping into the galactic world. What else would be better than having a saber similar to Darksaber– The most powerful and unique blade in the Star Wars universe?

Highly Qualified Blade For Cosplaying & Dueling

This saber is highly beneficial to duelists and cosplayers, made with hard work and excessive attention to detail by skilled craftsmen. Providing a realistic feeling, you’ll have a durable item and value for money.

Aesthetic Collectible

Displaying the aesthetically pleasing saber in your collection will easily win people’s hearts and attract the attention of your fanbase or create one. A replica, similar to Darksaber, one might think you actually bought a real one.

Explore The Features

The black series lightsabers come with advanced technology. The motion sentient technology allows you to experience realistic sound effects that synchronize with your blade ignition. Other exciting technologies, such as LED lighting, enhance your showcasing experience.

Customization Option

Since modern technology has evolved, it has completely changed how the original lightsabers function in the movies. You can customize the saber and make it entirely your way. Also, you can add accessories to enhance the appearance and performance of your collectible.


Having a Darksaber-like blade can become your most invaluable investment. It opens a galactic world full of amazing opportunities to grow as a duelist and connect yourself with a different world where Force and power lie ahead.

Moreover, you get a chance to set up your own fan base, where you show a symbol of your leadership qualities and uniqueness. Imagine standing out of the crowd with a well-recognized and admired blade in the Star Wars Universe.

Indeed, the idea of doing something unique defines your personality totally different from the ordinary.

May the Force be with you!

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