The Best Qualities Of A Good Roofer

Qualities Of A Good Roofer

A good roof is a vital part of a home. But, whether it’s a new roof or a replacement, finding a good roofer is not always an easy task. Roofing requires attention and expertise to last for a long time and gives you value for your money. The need for well-established roofers is on the rise, so every professional should have what it takes to fit the industry.

What Makes A Good Roofer?

Good Communication Skills

Clients require information about their projects. It isn’t good to adjust some things without informing the homeowner in advance. A good roofer should be available to answer any queries from the clients either through phone calls or face to face.

Education & Training

Proper training is essential in the roofing industry. A well-trained roofer knows about safety practices, roofing materials and tools, and the latest roofing technologies in the market.


You should not negotiate on the experience of the roofer. Most roofing issues come as the result of shoddy work from inexperienced people. You may have the best quality roofing materials, but an amateur roofer does shoddy work. If possible, look for the services of a roofer who’s been in operation for five years and above. You can also ask for referrals from family and friends and check the quality of their work before contracting them.

Material Quality

In most cases, building owners are guided by on the best materials for the project. A good roofer should ensure the client uses quality materials. It’s best to avoid cheap materials since they will cost the owner more in the long run.


A good roofer should stick to the set deadlines. A contractor who reports late or misses some working days may not complete the work on time or may rush things and come up with shoddy work.

Reasonable Pricing

It’s advisable to check for pricing from different roofers to ascertain the standard pricing. You can also ask other homeowners to get a glimpse of the cost to expect. Therefore, settle for a roofer with fair pricing and avoid those who overcharge. On the other hand, a roofer who charges too little may not be experienced.

Licenses & Permits

A good roofer should have a valid license and permit to operate. In most states, a building isn’t considered valid for inspection if the roofing contractor isn’t licensed and has proper permits. So, ensure your roofer has permits before starting work. However, beware of scammers who may approach you with fake documents.

Work With Contracts

Ensure your roofing contractor works with a contract. Contracts protect your interests and those of the roofer. Ensure the contracts have payment details, the project’s work-frame, and how to terminate the work if problems arise. A good roofer should ensure the client understands the terms and conditions before signing.


Ensure to work with a roofer who has valid insurance. A roofer should have liability and worker’s insurance to cover them if anything happens while on your property. This will give you peace of mind, since it’s costly to cater for injuries if workers sustain serious injuries.

Good Reputation

good reputation is necessary for every business. Ask around and find out what people in the locality are saying about the roofer. You can also check online for reviews, although some may fake the reviews to favor them. If you still doubt the contractor, you can ask them for past clients’ references to be sure of their reputation.

Getting a trustworthy roofer is a daunting task, but it isn’t impossible. The best way is to check if the professional possesses the above qualities before contracting them. Ask around for reviews from past clients and neighbors.

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