GENERAL Reviews (2023) Is Scam Or Legit Website? Reviews

In the rapidly evolving landscape of online opportunities, has emerged as a platform that claims to offer a unique avenue for individuals to earn money. With promises of financial gains and the allure of a user-friendly interface, has caught the attention of many seeking alternative ways to boost their income. However, as with any online venture, skepticism often accompanies excitement. The question on everyone’s mind is clear: Is scam or a legitimate money-making opportunity? Let’s find out.

How Does Work? operates as a Money App, providing users with opportunities to earn money conveniently. The process involves signing up for the VIP waitlist to secure a Fabric Visa Debit Card, allowing users to withdraw earnings. Users can earn money by testing free apps and games, engaging in surveys, and participating in various activities facilitated by the platform. The promise of effortless online earnings, combined with the allure of a withdrawal option through a Fabric Visa Debit Card, forms the foundation of’s operational model. Site Details 

Platform Name
Contact Details Email, Address, Phone- Not Provided
Product Type Money-Earning App
Payment Options PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, and more
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Users Reviews

  • One frustrated user shared his disappointment, revealing that he’s been patiently waiting for nearly two months to receive compensation for the ads he viewed. He feels deceived by false advertising, as the promised $50 has yet to materialize, leaving him with a sense of wasted time.
  • Another user pointed out that the application falls short of its promises. Despite sporting mediocre ratings and a questionable trust score, it fails to deliver, proving to be a drain on both time and data. Surprisingly, even influencers are left uncompensated.

The overall reviews among users is one of disappointment and a sense of being misled by The platform seems to consistently fall short of delivering on its commitments, leaving individuals feeling both deceived and unrewarded. Raises Safety Concerns: Be Cautious!

  1. Delayed Payments Alert

Picture this: You finish a task on, but instead of getting paid right away, you’re told to wait for a month for some mysterious “processing.” Here’s the catch – many users wait to see the payment listed on their dashboard, but the money never shows up. This weird payment system makes us question if is scam or legit.

  1. Watch Out for Your Info asks for your social security number. That’s a big no-no! Giving out such private info is like handing a stranger the keys to your identity. With identity theft growing like crazy, you’ve got to be super careful when a website wants details like that.

Is Scam?

In conclusion, the user reviews paint a concerning picture. The delayed compensation for viewed ads, coupled with unfulfilled promises and a questionable trust score, leaves users frustrated and feeling deceived. The consensus among individuals who have engaged with the platform is that falls short of expectations, ultimately resulting in wasted time, unmet commitments, and a sense of unrewarded effort. These collective sentiments emphasize caution and suggest that individuals may want to reconsider their involvement with due to the apparent disconnect between promises and reality.


  1. Who is the Chairman of

The chairman of We Are Fabric is Paul Taylor. However, it’s noteworthy that Paul Taylor has not disclosed his identity or revealed his face.

  1. Where is We Are Fabric Operating From?

Unfortunately, there is no available information about the headquarters or operating location of We Are Fabric.

  1. Is Legitimate?

No, We Are Fabric does not appear to be a legitimate app. Numerous red flags in its business model and negative feedback from users on the internet raise doubts about its authenticity.

  1. Why is We Are Fabric Considered Not Authentic?

We Are Fabric is considered not authentic due to significant concerns in its business model, including delayed compensation, unmet promises, and a lack of transparency. The negative response from users further contributes to the skepticism surrounding its legitimacy.

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