Electrizap Reviews (2023) Does This Electric Mosquito Killer Really Work?


If you’ve ever waged war against mosquitoes, the Electrizap mosquito killer might catch your eye. This review dives into Electrizap, an electric bug zapper using high-voltage grids and UV light to attract and zap insects. While it touts an eco-friendly, chemical-free approach, the big question is: Can Electrizap genuinely deliver on its promise to be a mosquito assassin? Let’s test it out and find the truth.

Exploring Electrizap

Formerly recognized as ‘Blitzy Bug’ and ‘Fuzebug,’ Electrizap is a compact, portable electric mosquito killer. Its mechanism involves UV light to lure mosquitoes and other insects, subsequently neutralizing them with a high-voltage grid. What sets Electrizap apart is its commitment to a chemical-free strategy in pest control, catering to individuals who opt for eco-friendly solutions to combat insects.

Electrizap: More Than Just A Mosquito Control

Electrizap is not confined to eradicating mosquitoes alone. Despite its name emphasizing mosquito control, it operates as a bug zapper, effectively targeting a spectrum of flying insects. It’s crucial to note that numerous flying insects are drawn to light, expanding the utility of this device in versatile pest control.

Electrizap Porch Trial: A 10-Hour Examination

Discover how Electrizap performed in a real-world test on a bug-infested porch.

Mixed Results: Electrizap attracted mosquitoes, moths, and other bugs. It caught more moths and bugs than mosquitoes. However, not all the insects that gathered around the light were zapped; some managed to escape.

Insects Survived: After the test, when we opened up Electrizap, we saw that many insects were still alive and could fly away.

Key Considerations Before Purchasing Electrizap Mosquito Zapper

Before deciding on Electrizap mosquito zapper, it’s essential to weigh the following factors:

Debating Efficacy: Bug Zappers & Mosquitoes

Researchers are continuously debating the effectiveness of bug zappers, like Electrizap, in eliminating mosquitoes. Despite using UV light to attract insects, studies suggest mosquitoes are not primarily drawn to UV light for navigation. Alternative traps utilizing carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor may prove more effective for mosquito control.

Insights From Research: A University Of Delaware Study

A comprehensive study from the University of Delaware scrutinized bug zappers, revealing that out of 13,789 insects killed, only 31 were biting flies, including mosquitoes. This represents a mere 0.22 percent of the caught insects. The study authors concluded that bug zappers, in general, may be ineffective in reducing mosquito populations.

Advantages Of Electrizap

Silent Operation: Electrizap operates quietly, providing a pest control solution without creating any noise disturbances.

Odorless and Indoor Safe: The device does not emit any odors, ensuring a pleasant indoor environment. It is safe for indoor use, making it suitable for homes and enclosed spaces.

Disadvantages Of Electrizap

Limited Effectiveness Against Mosquitoes: Electrizap’s efficacy in eliminating mosquitoes is questionable, as it primarily attracts and zaps other flying insects. Users may find it less reliable for mosquito control compared to alternatives.

Short Battery Life: The device has a limited battery life, lasting only six hours.

Final Words

In conclusion, while Electrizap offers versatility in bug zapping and may serve as a satisfactory solution for general insect control, its effectiveness in addressing mosquito-related concerns remains uncertain. Given the unique challenges posed by mosquitoes, individuals dealing specifically with a mosquito problem may find it prudent to explore alternative pest control methods tailored to these pesky insects. Before deciding on a pest control solution, it is advisable to carefully assess the nature of the pest issue at hand and consider specialized options that align with one’s specific needs and preferences. Electrizap may excel in certain aspects of pest control, but for comprehensive mosquito management, a more targeted approach might be necessary.


  1. Is Electrizap effective in controlling mosquitoes?

The effectiveness of Electrizap in mosquito control is debatable. While it serves as a versatile bug zapper, its specific efficacy against mosquitoes might vary. For mosquito-heavy areas, exploring alternative pest control methods designed to target mosquitoes directly may be more advisable.

  1. What types of pests is Electrizap best suited for?

Electrizap is designed as a bug zapper and is generally effective against a variety of flying insects. It can handle common pests such as flies, moths, and beetles. However, its performance may vary when it comes to mosquitoes, which have different behaviors and attractants.

  1. Can Electrizap be used both indoors and outdoors?

Yes, Electrizap is versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is designed to attract and eliminate flying insects in various settings. Whether you’re dealing with bugs in your living room or on your patio, Electrizap can be a convenient solution.

  1. Are there alternative pest control methods recommended for mosquito problems?

Yes, for those specifically dealing with a mosquito problem, exploring alternative pest control methods is advisable.

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