Who Owns Gamersupps (February 2023) Everything You Need To Know!

Who Owns Gamersupps

With the significant rise of esports and gaming, companies like Gamersupps have created claims to provide increased endurance, long-lasting industry and quicker reflexes to esports gamers. 

This leading brand has a market in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States and several other nations. Recently, GamerSupps announced a collaboration with Character Designers Masashi Kudo and Kaho Shibuya. But who owns gamersupps?

In addition to working with influencers, eSports teams, and communities to expand their reach, GamerSupps can also engage with communities and game fans. Gifts around gaming such as products and custom keychains are given to gamers to foster trust.

In this post, find out everything about who owns gamersupps, what it offers, its latest controversy and so on.

About Gamersupps

Gamersupps is an esports energy drink marketing company that focuses on building energy formulas, especially for games and athletes who want to boost their energy levels. This renowned brand specializes in supplement-style energy drinks that can increase gamers’ endurance so that they can last longer while playing. 

Their energy drinks come with caffeine and no added sugar or calories. Further, the drinks are enriched with nutrients, vitamins and minerals to help gamers stay healthy and energetic. 

What Is The Ongoing Controversy?

Gamersupps has recently been facing a great deal of controversy due to allegations from their brand ambassadors. These accusations include mistreatment and not following contract clauses, as well as late payments for services rendered. 

Many other former brand ambassadors have joined in the outcry against Gamersupps’ alleged unprofessionalism and unfair treatment towards them. 

Though these reports are found online, we cannot comment on the validity of such claims at this time without further investigation into the matter.

Who Owns Gamersupps?

Gamerupps has recently been acquired by popular Twitch streamer and YouTube star Jonathan Schlatt. The news was made official on May 26th when the Gamerupps team announced it would be partnering with Schlatt through his Twitter page. 

Fans of both brands can receive exclusive discounts on their purchases using a special code – just make sure to follow @jschlatttweets for further details about this amazing collaboration.

What Is The Market Size Of Esports Drinks?

Esports culture is growing rapidly, and with it, the popularity of gaming-related products such as energy drinks. Gfuel has established itself in this market alongside Who Owns Gamersupps, giving competitive gamers an exciting range of options to choose from when needing a little boost during their games. 

The future looks bright for Esports drinks – by 2029, the industry’s estimated to be worth USD 149.83 billion.


Gamersupps is really a cutting-edge gaming supplement designed to give gamers an edge and make game time more enjoyable. It’s formulated with essential vitamins and minerals to help you stay energized while playing, as well as botanicals meant to support mental clarity and cognitive function without sacrificing taste. 

As per the Twitter post, we can say that Jonathan Schlatt is the owner of gamersupps. He is a Twitter and Youtube sensation. His total net worth is around USD 200 Thousand. Now, he is all ready to take his chance in the esports drinks market. 

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