Sorenson Forensics Best Forensic Lab (February) Know All Details!

Sorenson Forensics Best Forensic Lab

Crime shows, newspapers, and novels have made the concept of forensic labs familiar to many. However, few may know these pivotal facilities are responsible for identifying criminals. A feat that was not possible until 1986 when DNA Analysis was first employed in England as part of two rape-murder cases.

The United States is abuzz with news of the immaculate precision and accuracy displayed by Sorenson Forensics Best Forensic Lab. Their results have successfully solved various complex issues, earning well-deserved admiration from residents nationwide. 

In this blog, learn everything about this forensic lab and how you can submit your DNA testing quote.

About Forensic Lab

With crime on the rise, forensic science has become increasingly important in our world. Highly skilled and trained professionals use specialized techniques to analyze evidence related to criminal investigations while ensuring its accuracy with DNA testing. The diligent work of these scientists helps lead us closer to justice by providing quality results for convictions.

About Sorenson Forensics Best Forensic Lab 

Sorenson Forensic Lab is a reputable laboratory that provides world-class services to aid in criminal investigations. The lab utilizes cutting-edge tools and processes for precise results, from ballistics and fingerprinting to DNA analysis and questioned document verification. 

Their expertise in forensic biology has made them a highly sought-after resource with renowned accuracy – providing justice where it’s due!

Why Is Sorenson Forensics Best Forensic Lab?

The following features make Sorenson forensics the finest forensic lab:

  • To guarantee the victim receives justice, the laboratory has strict procedures.
  • In conducting numerous investigations involving sexual assaults, murders, and other serious criminal activities, the lab and the results of forensic testing play a significant part.
  • Accurate test findings and a quick solvency rate aid in the criminal’s identification. • The judge considers the pertinent evidence gathered from the crime scene examined by the lab.
  • Blood, saliva, and semen identity are all part of the Sorenson Forensic Laboratory’s expertise in DNA testing.
  • The Sorenson Forensics Criminal Paternity Test uses DNA research to pinpoint the person’s biological parents.

Sorenson Forensics Lab Consulting 

The Sorenson Forensic Lab offers counseling services to aid in apprehending the criminal.

  • Trial and Investigation: The laboratory handles investigations for cases of different seriousness, such as assaults, accidents, property damage, robberies, etc. Nearly one-third of the initial suspects are exonerated by DNA analysis, saving the taxpayer money and the court’s precious time.
  • Cold Case Consultation: Prior to 1986, the US lacked access to cutting-edge DNA research technology. Considering this, the courts are allowing the reopening of cases if the most current DNA analysis would aid in correcting the person’s incorrect conviction.
  • Human Identification: Prior to DNA analysis, fingerprints were used to identify people because of how age, injury, and employment affected how a fingerprint changed over time. DNA is the only scientific forensic technique that would stay constant over time and offer incredibly high relevancy.

How To Submit DNA Testing Quotes?

  • Go to the Sorenson Forensics Laboratory’s official website. Visit Sorenson Forensics Best Forensic Lab to learn more.
  • Choose “SUBMIT A CASE” from the menu.
  • The user can obtain a quote for DNA testing and forensic biology for civil, criminal, and investigations on the page that appears.
  • Type in the user’s name.
  • Choose the “Case Type.” Public Defender/Defense, 
  • Cases of Civil Litigation, Conviction/Innocence Project, 
  • Law Enforcement/Prosecution, Post-and Private Matter varieties are all possible.
  • Provide the applicant’s full address, including the Zip Code. Provide your phone number and email address.
  • In order to make valuation easy for Sorenson Forensics Best Forensic Lab, mention the trial date or deadline, if applicable.
  • The submission of Allegations/Charges is the next stage. In this part, the applicant must emphasize the primary justification.
  • Choosing the quantity of evidence samples and a few reference samples is necessary.
  • Describe the case scenario as simply as you can.
  • Upload any necessary supplemental files.
  • Submit the quote request once all of these procedures have been finished.

The Bottom Line

The Sorenson Forensic lab harbors unparalleled expertise in DNA analysis, making it one of the most reliable and trusted laboratories for criminal investigations. With their cutting-edge technique, they have been able to achieve rapid results that exceed the standards set by even the highest levels across America.

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