Vivori Reviews (2023) Is Vivori Jewels A Legit Jewelry Store Or Scam?

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Ever shopped for jewelry online and wondered if it’s legit? Well, Vivori Jewels from is one of those spots catching eyes with its cool collection. In this review, we’re gonna spill the tea on Vivori Jewelry. We’ll talk customer Vivori reviews, spill the tips for smart buys, and decide if it’s a thumbs-up or a no-go. Let’s dive into the world of Vivori Jewelry, keeping it simple and real! 

About Vivori Jewelry

Vivori Jewels, once known as Viviori Jewelry, started making beautiful jewelry in October 2022. Their online store has lots of different pieces, like fancy rings and stylish bracelets. People who love jewelry are really like Vivori because it’s both elegant and affordable.

Navigating Vivori.Co: What You Need To Know Before You Shop

Key Points Description
Rebranding Strategy Vivori transitioned from Viviori Jewelry to Vivori Jewels due to negative online feedback, maintaining a consistent 70% discount.
Transparency Concerns Lack of disclosed business addresses; confirmation of origin only upon ordering may raise skepticism among customers.
TikTok Discount Trend TikTok users sharing codes for free jewelry from, sourced from a former employee. Company acknowledges the codes but handles the matter internally.
Limited Contact Options Exclusive contact through email ( or Facebook, providing restricted means for customers to reach out to the store.

Client Vivori Reviews & Experiences

These client testimonials collectively underscore Vivori’s commitment to quality, attentive customer service, and the overall satisfaction of customers with their jewelry purchases.

Quenten Lendner

Quenten praises the Double Ended Zirconia Studded Earrings from Vivori, emphasizing their surprisingly nice quality and shiny crystals. Despite a shipping address typo, Quenten commends Vivori’s excellent customer service for promptly resolving the issue.

Lee-Ann Vorster

Lee-ann expresses delight in the Double Ended Zirconia Studded Earrings, describing them as beautiful and suitable for gifting. She highlights the earrings’ stunning appearance and notes their elegance and allure on the recipient.

Maria O’Connor

Maria shares positive feedback about the Piece Deja Bracelet Set, describing it as beautiful with a high polish and great quality. The adjustable length and five separate pieces offer versatility, and Maria purchased it as a gift, receiving enthusiastic approval from the recipient.

Is Vivori Jewelry A Legit Store Or Scam?

Vivori has some good reviews for their jewelry, like the earrings and bracelet set. People are happy with the quality and say the customer service is helpful. But there are things to be careful about. The company changed its name because of bad online feedback. They don’t share where they are located, and you only find out after you order. There’s a weird thing on TikTok where people share codes for free jewelry, and the company knows about it but doesn’t say much. Also, it’s not easy to contact them; you can only use email or Facebook. So, be cautious and check everything before buying from Vivori.

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, Vivori Jewels is accessible through appears generally trustworthy, yet a degree of caution is advised, particularly when considering deals promoted on social media platforms. While the authenticity of their products is affirmed by positive customer experiences, the absence of certain information, such as a physical address and phone number, may prompt inquiries. Enjoying Vivori’s appealing jewelry is undoubtedly tempting, but prudence is key. Conducting thorough research, including reading Vivori reviews, ensures informed choices for a satisfying shopping experience.


How can I be sure of the quality of Vivori’s jewelry?

Vivori is known for positive customer reviews praising the quality of their jewelry, especially pieces like the Double Ended Zirconia Studded Earrings and the Piece Deja Bracelet Set. You can also explore online reviews and testimonials for firsthand experiences.

What should I be cautious about when ordering from Vivori?

It’s advisable to exercise caution, especially regarding deals promoted on social media, as the legitimacy of such offers might be uncertain. Additionally, be aware that the company underwent rebranding due to negative online feedback, and some customers have raised concerns about transparency, such as undisclosed business addresses.

How can I contact Vivori for assistance or inquiries?

Vivori provides limited contact options. You can reach out to them via email at or find them on Facebook. Keep in mind that these are currently the exclusive means of communication with the store.

Is it safe to use discount codes circulating on TikTok for free jewelry from Vivori?

Exercise caution when encountering discount codes on TikTok. While Vivori acknowledges the existence of these codes, they handle the matter internally and do not publicly claim responsibility for their distribution. Be aware that ‘free’ deals may have hidden intricacies, and it’s advisable to verify the legitimacy of such promotions before proceeding.

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