Why Designer Tote Bags Have Become All The Rage

Designer Tote Bags

If you’ve looked at all the fashionable people these days, you’ll see that designer tote bags are now a whole thing. If you’ve been wondering if you should jump on the trend or not, it’s important to know why people are choosing a tote for everyday use over traditional handbags.

A Variety Of Styles

Tote bags come in all kinds of designs and colours for you to peruse. You can even mix and match them with your wardrobe, or go for a bolder look, if you want to. There are tote bags for occasions, tote bags to take from day to night, totes for the beach. The opportunities are all endless.

For example, Louis Vuitton’s Neverfull is huge. It simultaneously looks luxurious and could probably fit my entire makeup drawer. Which makes it perfect for taking to work because it can go from daytime to night time like a dream. On the other end of the spectrum, Gucci’s Rajah Tote is so fancy, I would only ever take it out with me to high end bars, after all if I’m wearing heels, I can put my flats in there. The point is, totes aren’t just one cotton shopper bag anymore. They have grown way beyond that.

Get Your Money’s Worth

Unlike a luxury handbag, which you only whip out for super special occasions. The cost per wear with tote bags is unmatched. You can take a luxury tote with you to work five days of the week, no matter what season, year after year. Then you take that same tote bag to your after workshop, and that last minute oatmeal will probably fit inside the tote bag too. Regardless of how you use it, you will get your money’s worth from a tote bag. 

They Are So Versatile

Versatility is something we don’t talk about enough when it comes to a bag. This is because we often have separate bags for everything. But to be honest, a tote bag can eliminate that, and help you minimise your wardrobe effectively. 

Here are some of the ways I use my tote bag: 

Electronics Bag: Since I take my tote to work, I put my laptop, tablet, phone, chargers and power bank in there, and since it’s a structured bag, I don’t worry about my items inside getting damaged.

Exercise Bag: I take my tote to the gym. Now a lot of people won’t want to take their tote bag to go and get sweaty in, and I agree, but my gym is a pretty safe, clean space. I don’t think you should take this with you to the pool, however. 

Beach & Picnics: This is where my tote bag shines. I have taken it to so many picnics, full of my cardigan, the snacks, cutlery, you name it. It’s just so aesthetic and pretty, I’ve taken my tote to the beach too, and so long as it’s not damaged by the sand or sun, it’s not a bad option. 

Baby Bag: this is something I’ve seen mums everywhere do. We know maternity bags and nappy bags aren’t always aesthetically pleasing, but a tote can be practical and useful, all at once. 

Travel Bag: hear me out, take your tote on your next road trip. You can fit an entire weekend’s worth of stuff inside it, if you choose a bigger bag, and I love taking it with me. It just makes life so much easier. 

Work Bag: This is an add on to the electronics part, but add in my lunch, my spare shoes, my touch up makeup bag, I could keep going. The point is, this bag helps me get to and from work, without carrying two or three bags in addition to my handbag. 

They Are Durable

When you choose a luxury bag, you are choosing quality. Everything is luxury. The hardware is top notch, the lining is well stitched, and the exteriors will never fall apart. Overall, luxury tote bags can stand the test of time. This is because, unlike a usual handbag, totes are not just meant for formal wear, as other designer bags are. This means you’ll see a different style of stitching, made less for aesthetics and more for wear. To make sure your bag lasts longer, I try not to over fill it, and try to take as much care of the leather as possible.   

They Are Ethical

As time goes on, and social media becomes more prevalent, the cost of fast fashion has become more apparent. For example, a Louis Vuitton bag is made in France, Spain or the United States, Jacquemus is made in Italy and Spain. These bags are made by talented craftsmen and are made one at a time. They are unique, they are luxurious and so, they are also made to be used for decades to come, with fine materials used to increase their wear. By using a luxury tote bag you are doing better for the environment, as you are investing in a bag you will use for decades and decades to come. Even if you resell it, the value of the bag remains intact, and will be loved by someone else or handed down in the future too. 

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