Unconventional Ways To Smoke Weed – Thinking Outside The Bowl

Unconventional Ways To Smoke Weed

There are many ways to smoke weed. You can roll a joint or blunt, use a pipe, or even vape.

Bongs are a cool way to smoke weed because the smoke is cooled and filtered through water before it enters your lungs. They also have large mouthpieces for taking big hits.

Corn Husk Rolling Papers

Usually used to make tamales, this all-natural alternative is slow-burning and easy to roll. If your corn husks are dry and brittle, try dunking them in water or heating them on a burner to soften them before proceeding. You can also use a filter by cutting out a piece of thick paper and folding it accordion style into a tip, then placing it in the middle of your corn husk joint.

This method is often seen on YouTube and is the most popular way to smoke weed at school because it’s funny, simple, and completely disposable. It may not be as smooth as other methods, but it’s a good way to kill time with some friends and the munchies.

Some people use old soda or beer cans as pipes, but this method can be unsafe and messy. Tin foil and aluminum can release toxic gasses that aren’t safe to inhale directly. It’s also important to poke the holes correctly to avoid leaking ash or residue inside the pipe.

Hot Knives

There are different ways to smoke weed. One of the oldest and most traditional ways to smoke weed is with hot knives. The process is simple: start with a pair of butter knives and heat them on a stove. Once warm, inhale a small amount of hash or weed on one of the blades. The ribbons of vapor that form will hit your nose and make you high.

This method is worth a shot if you’re a first-time smoker or want to try something different. It’s a great alternative to a joint or a spliff and can be used for just one hit.

The downside to this method is that it’s not very portable and can be messy. Also, if the knives become too hot, they could burn your nose and throat. Lastly, the THC absorbed from this method is less potent than ingested through a bowl or spliff. For these reasons, it is not a good idea to smoke this way with anyone with allergies or sensitive lungs.

Straight To The Dome

In the pre-legalization era, many stoners had to get creative when they didn’t have a pipe or some paper to smoke out of. This resulted in many iconic homemade pieces like the gravity bong, apple pipe, pumpkin pipe, and the ever-popular foil pipe. While these homemade pieces aren’t the smartest way to blaze, they will do if you find yourself without anything else to smoke out of.

You can also make a “weed firecracker” by mixing Nutella or peanut butter with marijuana. Spread the mix on some crackers, wrap them in aluminum foil and place them in the oven to heat them until the weed decarboxes.

A bong is one of the most common ways to smoke weed, but it is not the most conventional. It is also the most complicated to use and requires a lot of hand-eye coordination and familiarity. For this reason, it is a good idea to practice something less complicated before trying it out in a group setting. A water pipe can offer more mellow experience made from glass, ceramic, wood, metal or other materials.

Water Pipes

If you are looking for a more classy way to smoke marijuana, then you should try using a water pipe. The water cools the smoke and makes it less harsh to inhale. This also helps with the onset of the munchies as it softens the impact of the smoke on your stomach and lungs.

Another good alternative to a traditional pipe is a bong. A bong is a glass container that holds a bowl for weed, a tube called a “stem,” and a mouthpiece to take hits through. They come in different shapes and sizes, but all have one key feature – they allow the smoke to pass through water before reaching your lungs, making them a healthier and more enjoyable alternative to traditional smoking techniques.

An even simpler but unconventional way to smoke weed is to use an apple as a pipe. You can do this by poking holes into an aluminum foil-wrapped 2-liter bottle, putting in your weed, and lighting. Then, slowly lift the bottle out of the water to inhale the smoke.

Dry Pipes

When it comes to weed, there are endless ways to smoke. But if you’re out of your regular pipe, or if your roommate accidentally threw your bong out the window last week (we’ve all been there), it might be time to think outside the bowl!

Dry pipes, as the name suggests, are smoking devices that don’t have a water receptacle. They’re typically smaller and handheld, making them ideal for on-the-go smokers who need a quick toke. They come in various shapes, from travel-sized spoon pipes to more theatrical Sherlock and Gandalf styles.

If you’re ready to try a dry pipe, check out our selection of high-quality options! We’ve got everything from snazzy glass hand pipes to stylish portable vaporizers like the Volcano desktop. These high-tech devices are some of the most unique and efficient ways to enjoy weed. They’re also incredibly fast-acting, meaning you can feel the THC hit in as little as an hour. The only downside is that you’ll need a lighter to use them.

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