Results-Oriented NFP Engagement

Results-Oriented NFP Engagement

In getting to the desired results of the mission, we should start with the challenges facing NFP’s smooth function. Various factors contribute to operational funding problems. Factors such as;

  • Success Demand – Being great at what you do is the goal. Smart people will not reinvent a working system. Your success will bring more requests. Be ready to grow in your success.
  • Government Funding – Government funding can be inconsistent, challenging to apply for, and slow to process. Once you take the time to understand the system and procedures, it can be very beneficial.
  • Mission Pressure – The goals set for your mission are not flexible, and you need to produce results.
  • Increased Need – Similar to mission pressure, needs change, and at times rapidly. Adjusting to fluctuating needs is difficult on lean budgets.
  • Talent and Retention – Other sectors offer big pay, whereas NFPs are more reliant upon relationship motivation. The mission is also motivation, keeping our hearts in our work.
  • Accounting/ Management – A non-profit is still a business. We must operate as a business with controls and highly effective accounting. Accounting skills are needed when your organisation lacks a steady income or mission needs change rapidly.

Recognising this frailty drives financial and information security. Some NFP/NOP/NGOs create an intranet for charities. This secures important avenues of support, providing confidence to your donors and families. These platforms also furnish services & education, saving you time to focus on results.

Results are driven by Volunteers, Donors, and Funds. That is the “Results Triangle”. When one side is missing or weak, mission results are at risk. People are motivated by engagement or relationships.

Visiting donors in person, when possible, is best.  You can also keep in touch from the field via Zoom and maintain relationship-building. Why meet one when you can meet with 10 and create a buzz with fun? You will need to be engaging and have progress to share. Presenting problems to be solved draws in the minds of people to help. Do not be afraid to share problems. Be entertaining and captivating while delivering a poignant message related to the mission. In-person meetings are personal and attention-grabbing.

The era of social networking has added Blogs, Websites, and Content to the NFP toolbox for interacting with people. These interactions result in information delivery and understanding, leading to engagement as donors or volunteers.  If you are uncomfortable with or unknowledgeable in digital engagement, bring on team members to assist your mission in becoming far more effective now and in the future. Automated options free you up and keep donors and volunteers engaged.

This world needs more people who work at goals guided by their hearts over money, but money is still a need. We want to offer as much as we can as a charity. We care passionately. That same passion is alive in other people and they need a place to give. They receive grace from their giving, as well. We should be respectful to donors and volunteers to be effective, accurate, and efficient in our engagement and operation. Love is shown in many ways and should lead your mission.

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