New Home Design Trends Today

New Home Design Trends Today

Homebuilding trends change over time and depend on market needs, consumer demands, and architectural styles. Often, the changes reflect the lifestyles of new homeowners.

For example, open floor plans that combine the kitchen, dining, and living rooms are popular because they increase space for social interaction. Also, curved furniture is making a comeback to soften harsh lines.

Eco-Friendly Design

Home buyers are more aware of the environment than ever, reflected in their new home designs. They want innovative house plans that reduce energy consumption and use sustainable building materials. This includes insulated doors, solar panels, and tankless water heaters.

Many homeowners also choose to incorporate natural elements into their homes. This can include a living wall, a trellis for plants, or even a green roof. The goal is to promote relaxation and a sense of well-being.

Additionally, dividers between different areas of the home are growing in popularity. This allows those who work from home to maintain focus and improves the overall work/life balance. Also, smart home technology that automates tasks and offers hands-free control is an increasingly popular feature in New Homes Wichita with modern residential new home design.

Backyard Retreats

Backyard retreats come in various styles and are customizable to each homeowner. You can include anything from a relaxing oasis for family and friends to an outdoor kitchen, pool, or garden.

The latest backyard trends emphasize seamless connections between indoor and outdoor living spaces, and this is accomplished through sliding glass doors and open-air verandas. Homeowners are also requesting greenhouses, raised beds for gardening, and innovative fire pit ideas to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for outdoor gatherings.

The Mediterranean style is a popular backyard trend, incorporating earth tones and lived-in textures into the design. Adding flowering shrubs and annual flowers creates visual interest. Another way to personalize your backyard retreat is with a pergola or trellis. This allows you to grow vines and lush greenery that clings to the structure. You can also build a fire pit for entertaining.

Flex Spaces

Whether it’s folding tables that transform into desks or furniture with subtle wheels that make it easy to shift around, multifunctional spaces are one of the biggest interior design trends in 2023. Flex spaces can be found in mudrooms, laundry rooms, or garages.

Initially, popular with artists who wanted to combine their studios, galleries, and living areas into one space, flex spaces are growing in popularity among small business owners because they allow startups time to grow into a building without being locked into long lease terms.

Kinked or curved wood furniture options are an interesting new home design trend that adds a fresh, modern twist to a room. Also on the horizon are boldly colored ceilings that are eye-catching focal points.

Curved Furniture

Curves, which were last in fashion during the ’90s, bring a comforting and cozy feel to rooms. They soften the boxy furniture look and can be used instead of angular pieces to create an eye-catching contrast.

Round shapes are more reminiscent of natural objects, like serpentine rivers and rounded tree trunks. This may be why they appeal to homeowners who want their homes to feel as comfortable and cozy as their stretchy loungewear.

To add this trend to your new home, consider a curved sofa fabric modular set or a rounded headboard in a natural wood finish like wicker. For an understated look, you can also use spherical light fixtures and decor objects. These features also complement other design trends like terracotta and living plants.

Whimsical Lighting

The 2023 lighting trends have a more whimsical edge to them. From lights with reclaimed wood to those with earthy textures and shapes, this design element is a great way to bring a touch of nature into any living space.

In addition to light fixtures, homeowners opt for pieces designed with a calming, soothing style. This can be seen in various items, from furniture to curtains, all made with a soft, delicate look.

Homeowners are also turning unused spaces, such as attics or hallway nooks, into attractive home gyms and yoga retreats. This trend helps improve work/life balance by giving homeowners a place to work out in privacy without disrupting family life. In addition to exercise equipment, these rooms often include cubbies for personal belongings and other accessories.

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