How To Improve Your Senior Pets Quality Of Life

How To Improve Your Senior Pets Quality Of Life

If you have recently taken on an older animal, have a pet that is starting to move into their senior years, or you just want to know if you are doing everything you can for your pet to have a good quality of life – then you have come to the right place.

Our pets are often an extension of us, and they solely rely on us for their care and happiness. If an owner is not committing their best efforts to make that happen, they are failing their pet and some improvements need to be made.

This piece is going to take a look at how you can help your senior pet live a more comfortable and happier quality of life right on into the winter of their life.

Implement Regular Vet Checks

Regular vet checks are probably one of the most important aspects of taking care of a senior pet. They might not always be able to tell you when they are not feeling in tip-top condition and you might find that issues start to develop a lot more quickly from initial signs.

Getting ahead of the curve by having your pet see a local vet regularly from vets in Estero will make sure you are able to keep on top of any niggles and make sure they are getting everything they need to thrive!

Get Supplements Involved In Their Diet

There are many supplements on the market that can help your pets live longer and healthier lives, help stave off any potential health problems, or make current illnesses or ailments much easier to live with. For example, you can get your hands on supplements for joint pain, arthritis, and skin issues just to name a few, which could stave off medication use or keep progression of problems at bay.

Take It At Their Pace 

As with all of us, your pet is not as young and perhaps not as spritely as it used to be and now has limitations of their own. Your dog may have been able to match or even outpace you on a 5 mile walk a few years ago, but as we all know, a lot can change in a year. It is important to focus on what they are able to do now. Pushing them will only make them more uncomfortable, which does not bode well for their health and happiness. Balance is the key, though, as an appropriate level of exercise can maintain mobility and muscle mass enabling your old pup to get up and around still.

Create New Traditions

Do not leave your pet in the corner just because they have different requirements. Instead, make sure you facilitate new traditions so you are still able to keep your pet involved as much as possible. For example, go on shorter walks, or allow yourself more stops. Try more gentle games over something more active. Not only will they appreciate it, but it will continue to deepen your bond.

Having a senior pet is not always easy, especially if they have illnesses, however, make sure you do your best to adapt to the changes that are presented to you, and keep them as comfortable as possible. Think of it as repayment for the years of love, happiness and loyalty they have given you. After all, pets are for life!

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