5 Essential Bike Cleaning Gear Every Cyclist Should Own

Essential Bike Cleaning

As per the National Cycling Participation survey, nearly 3.43 million Australians use the bike for transport or recreation in a usual week. It means that close to 80 percent of Aussies enjoy biking as recreation, while one-third of them use it for travelling to work and running errands. However, if the various parts of your bike don’t work correctly, you cannot experience a great ride. That’s why investing in bike maintenance gear from reputed brands is essential. For example, products from brands like Morgan Blue in Australia offering a variety of hi-tech cleaners apt for chain and drivetrain components ensure the long life of your bike parts.

Choosing the essential products for this purpose can be time-consuming. So here’s a list of the absolute must-haves in your maintenance toolbox.


To remove grime and softened mud, pick soft-bristled brushes. But if your bike has stubborn dirt accumulated in it, use those that have stiffer bristles. It’s a wise idea to purchase a kit that has brushes of differing shapes and bristles. For cleaning the frame and wheels, you can use a big soft-bristled brush. For those hard-to-reach corners, make use of a cone-shaped brush.

Bike Cleaning Solutions

These solutions loosen and eliminate dirt without compromising the material of your bike construction. While looking for cleaners, pick one that is appropriate to be used on both carbon and metal. Keep in mind that cleaning solutions are very concentrated. Always dilute them with water before you use them.


Degreasers work to break down the grime and grease without undue force. Some cleaning products combine both degreasing and cleaning in one. You should use a degreaser to keep your chain and other moving components of your bike clean. Cleaning the drivetrain is very important. If neglected, dirt will accumulate and cause it to wear out. This drivetrain wear will affect your shifting performance and minimise efficiency. You can use a chain cleaning sponge to clean this part. There are also many drivetrain brushes available for cleaning chains, cassettes, and chainrings.

Bike Polish

After eliminating the dirt from your bike, the next step is to use a protective polish on its various components. Look for sprays that comprise a moisture dispersant. It takes away water from your bike and thus safeguards it against corrosion. Another great ingredient is PTFE or Polytetrafluorethylene. It provides an impeccable smooth and shiny finish wherever it’s applied.

Before you apply a spray polish, remove your bike wheels. Ensure that you’re not putting spray on any other breaking surfaces or components.


Grease is for those bike components which are threaded. Its also used on ball bearings, cables, and other parts that are motionless. Grease reduces friction and thus minimises the possibility of the components getting seized in their places. A bike grease ensures that the various features remain moving and stay free from intrusive water. Thus, its application facilitates the various moving bike components to run freely. A firm grease based on calcium from brands like Morgan Blue in Australia can be used for the general assembly of bike parts. It is also apt to be used with spindles and bearings. The waterproof grease offers good addition and great mechanical stability.

Its rightly said a clean and well-maintained bike is a happy bike. Maintenance and upkeep is crucial part of owning a cycle. If you take good care of it, you will enhance its lifespan. Consequently, you’ll be able to enjoy this sportfully.

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