7 Protective & Charming Amulets For Positive Energy

Protective And Charming Amulets

The existence of amulets has its first mark in ancient Egypt. It was believed that just like positive energy, even negative energies ventures around the earth, bringing bad luck and misfortune. To ward off this energy, people relied on the hidden powers of amulets.

The amulets that we witness today have evolved from ancient religions, folklore, legends, and stories. Technically, amulets can be both man-made and natural; and are believed to be filled with energy, which is associated with good fortune, health, and happiness.

What was once considered a sacred canopy of extraordinary power has now made its way into mainstream fashion and people love wearing symbols that empower them. Whether it’s to bring good luck or signify new beginnings, it holds a significant place in all our lives. This article will be introducing some popular amulets and talk about how they can help you:

1. Evil Eye

Earlier, the evil eye amulet was restricted to the province of Turkey, Greece, and another Mediterranean region, but now, it is everywhere. In some places, the blue glass amulet is also known as Nazar. The dot in between the blue glass is referred to as an eye, which can recognize ill wishes and envy.

We are often represented with complements that are filled with jealousy and envy. As a pure-hearted person, you might not recognize the real intention of that complement, but the evil eye does and wards off the destructive energy that is being intentionally blown upon you.

2. Hamsa Hand

Different cultures have different meanings for the Hamsa hand. For instance in Buddhism and Hinduism, represents the five chakras. In Judaism, it is a reminder to pray; in Christianity, it represents the hand of Mother Mary. In Islam, it is referred to as the five pillars of the Islamic culture.

Overall, the Hamsa hand denotes luck, prosperity, and security. By wearing or hanging the Hamsa hand, you are practicing the years-old art of protection, harmony, and good fortune.

3. Chakra Bracelet

As the name suggests, the Chakra bracelet is associated with the seven energy centers of your body. This amulet is made with seven different kinds of stone, each dedicated to one chakra. Wearing these stones help align the seven chakras of the body. By its intrinsic nature, it would prevent you from drifting into a negative energy cycle.

4. Tree Of Life

The tree of life illustrates a tree spreading its roots and branches both upwards and downwards within an enclosed circle. This amulet is a depiction of stability, connectedness, strength, focus, and wisdom. Although people from different cultures will believe in a meaning that resonates with their personal beliefs, one thing is sure that wearing this piece will empower you to acknowledge your surroundings.

5. Elephant Charm

The elephant symbol is worshipped all across Asia in one form or another. Amulets representing elephant is considered to bring strength, power, and wisdom. In some Asian cultures, it is projected that if you place an elephant facing the door of your house, it will bring luck and prosperity.

6. Red String Bracelet (Find Here)

Mid-pandemic, the red string bracelet held a particular representation of strength, wholeness, and luck. That being said, let us tell you that the movement of energy happens from left to right. By wearing a red string on the left wrist, you are making sure that only positive energy enters your body. Overall, it epitomizes good luck, positive energy, and healthy connections.

7. Crystals Column

Crystal column is a sacred source of energy that comes from centuries of religious beliefs and traditional meanings. Wearing it will naturally gravitate you towards good things in life. Besides, you will be able to focus on meaningful things in your life.

These refined contemporary amulets hold a universal appeal and can seamlessly be a part of your accessories and home decors. The wearer stays mindful, optimistic, and more aware of his/her surroundings.

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