What You Should Look For When Boarding Your Horse

Boarding Your Horse

Sometimes situations occur where a horse owner finds they are better off boarding their horse at a stable. While you can always come and visit, there are a few qualities you should look for before finalizing your decision. See how these tips can help you select the best home for your beloved pet.

A Safe Barn Or Boarding Space

Before committing to a stable, make sure you take a tour and find out what the inside looks like. The barn or boarding space for your horse should be clean, sturdy, free of rodents, and in good repair. Check out reviews and if possible, talk to others who boarded their horses there and find out what they like about them. You want to feel confident your pet horse is in good hands when you aren’t around. If the horse is not happy and is stressed, it will cause loose stool in horses.

Plenty Of Opportunity For Exercise 

Find out what types of equipment you can use so you can train your horse or work with them. There should be plenty of space to run and gallop for your pet. Having accessories like a striped color horse jump can make a positive difference, too. If the stable doesn’t offer enough equipment or allow you to bring your own, seek another option.

Close Enough To Visit Often 

One of the most important things besides choosing a quality stable is finding one close to where you live. You want to visit your horse whenever possible, allowing the two of you to train and simply spend time together. Check out the mileage and figure out how often you can get out to see your horse.

A Nearby Vet

While you likely have your own vet, he or she might not be close enough should an emergency occur. Find out what your options are to take care of your horse. Some stables have a vet on staff, while others have a partnership with one close by. Having one near can make a huge difference if something happens to your horse and they need medical attention right away.

Finding a quality stable isn’t easy, but it is worth the well-being and care given to your horse. Finding a quality barn, a place that offers the chance to exercise and is close to you, along with a good vet can make a lasting difference for you and your horse. Check reviews and get the opinions of others whenever possible, so you can feel informed before committing to your horse’s new home.

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