Sendinfokit Reviews (2023) Is Dental Insurance Legit Or Scam?

When checking out a website like, it’s smart to do some detective work and hear what users have to say. This site claims to offer financial security and insurance, so we need to know if it’s the real deal or possibly a scam. Today, we’re diving into, using feedback from people who’ve used it, and looking at different aspects to figure out if it’s trustworthy. We’ll share both the good and not-so-good stuff from users to help you decide if you should use the website’s services. So, keep reading to find out the truth about


Founded in 1902, Sendinfokit is a reliable online platform committed to helping people with their retirement, health, and life requirements. is now redirected to, which specializes in insurance and supplement products. They aim to provide financial security and accessible insurance solutions. With a presence in around 20 states and its headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, is a nationwide company. They offer support through a network of funeral homes, division offices, and community engagement, ensuring nationwide convenience and assistance.

Overview Of Reviews

Website: Sendinfokit (Physiciansmutual)

Website Link: Sendinfokit Com or Physiciansmutual Com

Targeted Country: Their primary focus is the USA, but they serve other regions as well.

Contact Address: 2600 Dodge Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68131

Contact Number: 1-800-216-7373

Email: Instead of a direct email, they provide a contact form for customer inquiries.

Payment Options: They accept online payment methods.

Delivery Time: The website provides information about delivery times.

Return Policy: Not explicitly mentioned (NA).

Product Categories: The site specializes in Insurance and supplement products, including Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, Medicare Supplement, and Pet Insurance. draws more than 200k monthly visitors, indicating its credibility.

Social Media Links: Their website includes valid social media links, bolstering their online presence.

Types Of Insurance Offered By

Dental Insurance

Sendinfokit’s Dental Insurance offers extensive coverage by paying 100% of preventive services. Their four distinct plans cater to various needs, with the Premier plan notably covering 70% of the maximum allowable charge, making it suitable for more complex dental procedures. Preferred, Standard, and Economy plans provide fixed-dollar benefits for specific services, allowing customers to choose according to their requirements and budget.

Life Insurance

Sendinfokit’s Life Insurance plans provide essential financial protection. These plans cover medical expenses, household costs, and funeral expenses, offering beneficiaries financial support after filing death claims. This coverage ensures peace of mind during challenging times, guaranteeing that loved ones are taken care of in case of the policyholder’s demise.

Pet Insurance

Sendinfokit’s Pet Insurance offers practical solutions for pet owners. This insurance is affordable and includes unlimited annual benefits, providing comprehensive coverage for pets’ health needs. Moreover, their unwavering commitment to customer service ensures pet owners have the support they need to make informed decisions about their pets’ health and well-being.

Cancer Insurance

Sendinfokit’s Cancer Insurance is designed to alleviate the financial burden associated with cancer treatments. It covers a wide range of expenses, including treatments, hospital stays, travel costs, lodging, food, pet or child care, and other related expenses. The objective is to provide financial relief during a challenging time, reducing the stress and financial strain often associated with cancer treatment.

Positive Aspects of Sendinfokit (Physiciansmutual)

Valid SSL Certificate: The presence of a valid SSL certificate and HTTPS ensures a secure and encrypted connection, prioritizing consumer safety while browsing or engaging with the website.

Portal and URL Names Similarity: The consistency between the portal and URL names enhances user confidence and makes it easier to find and navigate the website.

Trustworthiness: With an impressive trust score of 100 out of 100, according to Scam Adviser, reviews enjoy a high trust rating, reassuring potential customers of its reliability.

Negative Aspects Of Sendinfokit

Hidden Whois Record: The fact that the Whois record is hidden may raise concerns for some users, as it makes it difficult to determine the true ownership and origins of the website.

Relatively New Domain: The website’s domain, registered on 2018-02-19, is relatively new. Newer websites can sometimes raise suspicions, as they lack an established online track record.

Final Verdict: Is Legit Or A Scam?

After a thorough examination of reviews and various factors, it is strongly recommended to carefully evaluate the website’s legitimacy before considering its services. This review has aimed to provide a balanced perspective, taking into account both positive and negative feedback. While offers enhanced security features, trustworthy services, and convenient payment options, concerns have been raised due to its relatively recent domain registration and limited range of insurance options. It is prudent for individuals to conduct comprehensive research and assess their unique needs before deciding to engage with or


  1. Is a legitimate website for insurance and supplement services? redirects to, a platform offering insurance and supplement products. To determine its legitimacy, it’s essential to research, check out reviews, and verify its services and customer reviews.

  1. What types of insurance does offer? or provides various insurance options, including Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, Pet Insurance, and Cancer Insurance. Understanding these offerings and their suitability is crucial before making a decision.

  1. How do I contact Sendinfokit for inquiries or assistance?

You can reach out to Sendinfokit (Physiciansmutual) through the contact form on their website. Additionally, they provide a contact number: 1-800-216-7373.

  1. What should I consider when evaluating Sendinfokit (Physiciansmutual) as a potential insurance provider?

When assessing or, consider factors such as their trustworthiness, the comprehensiveness of their policies, the length of their domain registration, and user feedback. These aspects can help you make an informed decision regarding their services.

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