How To Make Your Home More Fun For Your Indoor Cat

Make Your Home More Fun For Your Indoor Cat

Keeping your cat indoors can have many benefits. It’s a great way to ensure that they’re safe from dangers such as cars and predators, plus some cats have health issues that prevent them from roaming freely outside. However, if you do have an indoor cat, it’s important you ensure that your home meets all of their needs and provides them with plenty of opportunities for fun! Here’s how to do it.

Get Lots Of Toys For Them To Play With

Cat toys are a fantastic way to keep your fluffy friend entertained throughout the day. Try to have a selection of different kinds of playthings on offer, including ones that they are able to play with by themselves when you’re out or busy. One top tip is to swap the toys around from time to time, so that different ones are left out – this helps to keep things interesting for your cat! Plus, be sure to play with them whenever you can – there’s no substitute for love and attention.

Have Dedicated Spots For Food, Water, & Their Litter Tray

Cats prefer to have specific places for eating, drinking, and going to the bathroom, so try not to move these too often. You can put the food and water bowls together in a quiet part of the house, but the litter tray should be located somewhere different – ideally, where your cat can have some privacy. Check out this post from Kitty Cat Heaven and read more to find why cat won’t use litter box if you’re having issues with this.

Provide Lots Of Hiding Places

As everyone who shares their home with a cat knows, kitties love to hide! To ensure your furry pal is comfortable, try to provide them with secluded spots around the house where they can get some peace and privacy. Covered cat beds are ideal for this, as well as cat towers and trees with built-in boxes. Just take care not to encourage them to hide in places where they could get stuck.

Create Some Vertical Space For Them

Cats adore having some vertical space to explore, as it gives them more room to play and allows them to survey their kingdom from up high! Cat towers are perfect, but if you own your house and are good at DIY, you might even like to consider installing some cat shelves on the walls that they can climb up and snooze on. It’s an easier project than you might expect, and your kitty is sure to love you for it!

Ensure The House Is Safe For Pets

Safety should always be a key concern when it comes to your cat, so make sure that your property is safe for them. For example, this means ensuring you don’t have any plants in the house that are toxic to animals and that you don’t leave windows open if your cat can reach them. One top tip is to install netting or screens over the windows, so you can still have them open and allow fresh air inside without the risk of your cat escaping or falling out.

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