Did You Know That Some Jobs Are Not Covered Under Workers’ Comp?

Workers’ Comp

This is an interesting subject which many people are unaware of. Did you know that even in states where employers need to purchase workers’ compensation insurance, there are some jobs/industries where workers’ comp wouldn’t kick in? These are covered under the Federal Employer’s Liability Act, FELA. It actually dates back to 1908 when it was enacted. That was a time when the railroad was the long-distance mode of ‘rapid’ transit and as such, railroads were interstate and falling under the jurisdiction of the federal government. In today’s world, other industries also fall under the umbrella of FELA so if you’ve recently been hired in one of these industries, don’t look for workers’ comp if you are injured on the job.

First A Word On Filing Claims

As with anything else the federal government does, FELA is mired in paperwork. Since an injured worker cannot file under the much simpler workers’ comp insurance in their state, it would almost always require the services of a law firm well-versed in FELA legislation and filing procedure. To get an idea of just how complicated it can be and why you would need to be represented by a knowledgeable attorney, click this visit website link.

FELA Industries

As mentioned, trains are still covered under FELA, but this also includes trains that don’t cross state boundaries. Metro rapid transport train systems are also eligible to file FELA claims for injured workers. Today, with the various modes of transportation for interstate commerce, FELA laws also apply to any company that engages in interstate commerce.

So then, some trucking companies and airlines are probably covered under FELA as well. Some government agencies are also covered under visit website. The good thing about FELA coverage is that your employer will have it posted if that’s the kind of ‘workers’ compensation’ they carry. They don’t play the guessing game. In other words, you are either protected by workers’ comp or FELA.

Differences In The Types Of Benefits Provided

There are also differences in the types and amounts of coverage between the two. Once again, for better information on what is covered and what you can file a claim for, a FELA law firm can provide you with the information you need and can help you file a timely claim. Also, there may be differences in whether or not you can dispute an original offer. Yes, it’s all about the federal government and how they are able to add layers of difficulty to the simplest of concepts.

Just when you thought filing claims couldn’t get any more complicated, something like this comes along to throw a wrench into the mix. For example, the amount of death benefits covered are different between the two types of compensation insurance as are the benefits coverages for various injuries. While state and federal limits vary, the good news is that you will be covered. For how much may be an issue, but you will be covered and that is the good news.

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