How To Make A Mid-Career Move Work For You

How To Make A Mid-Career Move Work For You

The ability to make career moves later than ever before is arguably based on the technology that we now have access to. More people are finding the means to make mid-career moves or even start their own businesses and here’s how you too can make such a move. Keep in mind, that the better you plan and prepare, the more likely the success of any such career move.

Have A Clear Realistic Plan

Having a clear plan as to what you are able to do and what is available for you to do, has to be the first step. In the current economic climate, you simply can’t afford to leave any employment, unless you have a clear plan and immediate move to something else to do. Read as many blogs as possible and join online forums to discuss the specific area of work that you are interested in and ensure that you know the latest  trends in the current career opportunities linked to your current role and in the current company. There may be no point moving anywhere if you can make a few tweaks to what you do or are able to increase the enjoyment and financial reward.

Prepare/Implement The Plan

You may need to prepare a number of resume samples based on what you’re looking to do and the sector that you’re in, but this phase is about getting things done. You may need to upgrade some skills or take an online course after hours to make the plan a reality or attend various online talks and presentations to find what it is you’re looking for. Make the time to implement what you’ve planned to do. Create a tick list and simply work your way through it in a fastidious and committed fashion. The plan may be a good one, but unless you implement it and work the plan, there will be no positive change.

Network Widely

Whether online or in person at work, if you’re going to make any career moves in the right direction you are well advised to network as widely as possible. Ensure that your online resume or professional online profile is up to date and that you respond to possible opportunities  timeously. There may not be as many opportunities that there were at the beginning of your career and as such you need to be able to network with as many connected and in the know people as you can. Talking to people who are in the sector or company that you would like to move to and being and building relationships and professional connections with them is a vital part of cementing a mid-career move.

Being able to move jobs ands change careers at any point in your working life is now more possible than ever before. The ability to learn new skills at any time through online learning platforms and learn as you work schemes is one of the best ways that modern professionals are able to build their careers and create opportunities to move onto other more exciting  and meaningful careers.

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