Beast Promo Reviews: Is Beast Promo Legit Or Scam?

is beast promo legit

In the world of online opportunities promising easy money, the idea of making $1,000 by watching videos on is catching attention. But, as with any tempting offer, doubts emerge. Is this really possible, or is it a scam? In this review, we’ll unravel the truth behind Beast Promo, examining whether it’s a genuine chance for earnings or another internet scam. 

How Does Beast Promo Scam Work?

The Beast Promo Scam and Survey Spam Websites lure individuals with the promise of earning $1,000 by completing a set of 20 or 25 seemingly straightforward deals or tasks like watching videos. The website asserts a connection to MrBeast, suggesting that the money giveaway is affiliated with him. However, it’s essential to be aware that MrBeast is not involved with this scheme. The claim that money is handed out just for watching a video is a deceptive tactic employed by the scam, and individuals should exercise caution to avoid falling victim to this misleading scheme.

Is Beast Promo Legit?

It’s clear that Beast Promo is a scam due to the following red flags and concerns regarding the website:

Deceptive Questions:

When you visit, the platform prompts you with questions like, “Do You Use Cash?” and “How do you plan to use your $1000 To Your Cash?” The questions may seem innocuous, but they are part of a deceptive strategy.

Email Harvesting Scam:

Upon answering the questions, the website requests your email address. However, hidden in the fine print is a significant caveat: ‘By clicking below, I agree to email marketing, the Terms & Conditions (which include mandatory arbitration), and the Privacy Policy.’ This means that you unknowingly consent to receiving numerous spam emails in your inbox by submitting your email address.

False Affiliation With MrBeast:

The website falsely claims a connection to MrBeast, leading users to believe that the money giveaway is associated with the well-known figure. In reality, MrBeast has no involvement with this scheme, and the claim is a ploy to gain trust.

Requirement Of Online Bank Accounts:

To receive the promised prize, the website may mandate visitors to have an online bank account, such as PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, Zelle, or Revolut. This requirement raises suspicions, as legitimate platforms usually offer more flexible payment options and do not restrict users to specific services.

Misleading Confirmation Process:

After accepting the terms, users provide personal details but receive no information on claiming the $1,000. Despite a confirmation email, the promised reward never materializes, revealing the deceptive nature of the Beast Promo Scam and Survey Spam Websites.

Conclusion: Beast Promo Scam

In conclusion,, much like its dubious counterparts, Cashapp45 and flashcash4, stands as a questionable platform. Promising a tempting $1,000 for completing simple tasks, it ultimately reveals itself as a mechanism to collect and sell users’ email addresses to marketers. The outcome? An onslaught of spam emails invading your inbox. Given these deceptive tactics, it is strongly recommended to steer clear of the Beast Promo Scam and Survey Spam Websites.


Is a legitimate platform to earn $1,000 by watching videos?

No, is not a legitimate platform. It employs deceptive tactics, luring users with the promise of a $1,000 reward for completing tasks. In reality, it aims to collect users’ email addresses for marketing purposes, and the promised reward is never delivered.

Does MrBeast have any affiliation with Beast Promo Scam and Survey Spam Websites?

No, MrBeast has no connection with or similar scam websites. The claim of MrBeast’s involvement is a deceptive tactic used to gain trust. Individuals should be cautious and verify information independently.

What happens after submitting personal information on

After submitting personal information, users may receive a confirmation email, but there is no mention of the promised $1,000 reward. The website’s deceptive confirmation process aims to collect user data without delivering on the initially advertised offer.

Why is it important to exercise caution with platforms like Beast Promo?

It is crucial to exercise caution with platforms like Beast Promo to protect your privacy and avoid falling victim to scams. These platforms often employ misleading tactics, such as email harvesting, and can lead to a barrage of spam emails, potential privacy risks, and wasted time without any promised rewards.

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