Area Code 657 Scams: Beware Of These Frauds!

Area Code 657 Scams

With phone scams on the rise, it is crucial to stay aware of hackers and cybercriminals. One of the latest phone call scams that have been on the news lately is area code 657.

Area code 657 scams are a new way that con artists are using you to get you to give them your confidential information. Residents in the United States are frustrated with such spam calls and text messages from scammers. The trust score of the phone numbers with area code 657 is very low in this area. 

In this blog post, learn everything about area code 657 and how to be aware of such scams:

What Is Area Code 657?

Southern California’s 657 area code provides telephone service to an expansive region, including several cities such as Anaheim, Buena Park, and Westminster. It is a relatively new addition compared to the 714 area code established in 1951. 

However, this entire numbering plan predates even further than that, with roots dating all the way back to 1947, when 213 first appeared. There have been numerous splits of regional codes over time due to the growing demand for telecommunication services within California.

What Are Area Code 657 Scams?

Area code 657 is taking the United States by storm. This newly instated numbering system serves major cities, including Anaheim, Los Angeles, Torrance, and Santa Ana. Unfortunately, for those with numbers beginning in 657, this isn’t always positive news as these special digits carry a notorious reputation.

With the increased trust factor of Area Code 657, scammers and spammers are on a roll with their scams to target American residents. From bogus messages asking for personal details in exchange for USP delivery or job interviews to emails containing links, unsuspecting recipients need to click. 

These devious activities have gone up significantly over recent times. Stay vigilant and proactive by avoiding interaction with any message originating from such area codes!

What Scams Are Expected From Area Code 657 Scams?

Our investigations have uncovered a recent scam attempting to prey upon unsuspecting victims via text, call, or email. The tell-tale sign – each contact boasts phone numbers beginning with 657. These messages claim free gifts as bait and even offer cash in return for doing surveys.

Recent reports have suggested a sudden increase in Area Code 657 scams, with malicious text messages pretending to come from USP and J asking recipients to click on provided links. Similar texts contain what appears as ‘System Warnings’, claiming that the scammers have discovered vulnerabilities in devices – again requesting them to follow an included link.

Such schemes also try luring unaware victims into bogus job interviews for roles they never applied for!

Top Rated Reported Callers Associated With Area Code 657

  • 657-235-9124
  • 657-220-1616
  • 657-202-5151
  • 657-286-6049
  • 657-202-9364
  • 657-230-7532
  • 657-230-7441
  • 657-235-5046
  • 657-321-5186

These are some of the most frequently reported 657 calls. After getting calls and texts from scammers, numerous people have complained about these numbers. Users need to be on the lookout for these schemes and numbers.

The Bottom Line

Phone scams are a devious criminal activity that has been victimizing the people of the United States. In these cases, an individual on the other end of the line is pretending to be someone they’re not to obtain personal information or money from those receiving calls fraudulently. Protect yourself and your family by staying aware and always double-checking call sources. 

With the area code 657 steadily appearing on caller ID, it is important to be aware of prevalent phone scams. Fraudulent parties may ask for money at the end of a ‘free trial period,’ offer false job interviews, or falsely advertise low-interest rates and free gifts as bait. Individuals should never fall victim to these types of schemes; if you don’t recognize who is calling – simply hang up.

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