Top Digital Design Tools For Beginners

Digital Design Tools For Beginners

Are you a designer who is just starting out their career online and has no clue where to begin? Well, you’re just at the right place. Digital design is one of the most sought-after jobs online today and there is a great demand for designers in almost every field. With digital marketing becoming the new thing, every brand needs a designer to come up with social media posts, videos, marketing banners, and website content to develop their online presence.

The best part about being a digital designer is that you do not need a professional education to do the job. With the right set of courses and a little practice, you can very quickly master the art. In this blog today, we are going to be talking about some of the best and easy-to-use designing tools that you can use to create your unique designs online. But before that, let’s explore the opportunities you have as a designer and why you should be pursuing a career in this direction!

Is Digital Design A Good Career Option?

If you’re looking for a one-word answer, it most definitely is yes. But for more, digital designers are pretty high in demand. They get to work independently and can take up as many freelance projects as they can manage and earn well from each. With very little to no investment, you can start your very own service for providing digital solutions to clients from around the globe.

Apart from having good skills and knowledge of design, you will need a good setup in order to make this Gig work. That includes a decent laptop that will support design tools, and a fast and reliable internet connection since most of your work will be online. And talking about reliable internet, Spectrum is a provider that comes into our mind due to its high speed and reliability.

With that said, let us now explore some of the best design tools that you can use online to create amazing designs for your clients.

1. ClickUp

ClickUp is an all-in-one design tool that allows you to design, manage, and plan out your content in one place. This tool is great for people who are working in a remote team as you can easily collaborate and view other people’s work and progress too. You can make different folders for different teams and clients, customize your tasks and checklists, and allow real-time editing to team members working in different parts of the world.

ClickUp also offers animation tools, PDF features, pre-made templates, and integrations from other tools. It also has a mind map feature, which allows you to visualize your work and plan accordingly.

2. Canva

Canva is probably one of the easiest design tools to use with its thousands of professional templates to choose from. Your work becomes a lot easier as there is pretty much everything in place and all you have to do is curate and set it up according to your requirements. Canva also has a lot of pre-set dimension boards that you can use to optimize your design for different social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. And, you can also easily design a website on this tool. Canva is free to use, however, you can also buy a premium version and have access to a thousand more templates that are professional if you like.

You can collaborate, edit in real-time, get analytics, and save your files in a number of formats, which makes it an extremely useful tool for designers!

3. Figma

Designing with a team and needing constant management and collaborative tools along with creative ones? Figma has it all for you. With a collaborative whiteboard, you get to brainstorm and visualize possibilities with your co-designers, work on animation, have access to CAD tools, and share notes and comments on every design simultaneously. Furthermore, you can also create mockups and prototypes on this tool that can help your product team have input in the design process.

4. Wix

Wix is primarily a website design tool that helps you manage and analyze your online presence, suggesting ways to optimize your design for maximum results. With Wix editor, you can use a drag-and-drop option to choose between templates and designs for your landing page. With Wix’s ADI, you can develop your website including functional and operational pages.

Lastly, the Velo by Wix product allows you to create highly professional web development applications. This is mostly used by web developers to create a smooth and user-focused website experience.

Wrapping Up

If you’re starting your career in digital design, these tools will have your back in the beginning. With these tools, you can easily design website and social media content for clients and be able to work with a remote team. If you’re struggling to get projects in the beginning, create a portfolio and share it on platforms like LinkedIn, UpWork, Fiverr, etc. We hope you have fun designing these tools just as we do!

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