7 Effective Ways To Build Close Relationship With Your Boss

Ways To Build Close Relationship With Your Boss

Building and maintaining good relationships with superiors at work is one of the keys to a successful career.  Being close to your boss, in the sense of having a good and professional working relationship, definitely has many benefits.

Some examples of benefits that you can have included greater promotion opportunities, being given more trust and support for developing your career, can give constructive criticism such as asking your boss to hire professional office cleaning with more ease, and your work can be done more easily because you will be more confident to give suggestion while in a project discussion.

Read down below to know the best-kept secret on how to get to know your boss better and maintain a good relationship with them.

1. Show Friendly Side Of You

Everyone likes to hang out with people who can transmit positive energy, including your boss. Thus, smile more often and showcase enthusiasm and cheerfulness in the office. That way, your boss will think you are a positive person who is fun to be around. On the other hand, if you rarely smile and avoid your boss at all costs, how can your boss get to know you?

2. Don’t Be Too Shy

Too shy and too guarded when speaking with your boss will create a wider distance between you and your boss. Get used to chatting naturally but still maintain politeness.  Try not to be too ‘exaggerated’ talking to your boss, their attitude towards you will also get better. People can know if you feel inferior or not. When they notice you feel that way, it is only natural for their treatment of you to also change.

3. Occasionally Hang Out Together

Hanging out outside the office can make the atmosphere with your boss more fluid.  Usually, the atmosphere in the office is more stifling. It will be different if you meet outside of working hours;  there will be no computers, or assignment sheets that contributed to creating the formal atmosphere.

You will feel the difference when you sit together in a cafe or bookstore and see the boss as a ‘coffee drinker’, ‘movie lover’, or a ‘fun person’.  In essence, bosses are also ordinary people and have a human side outside of the work environment.

4. Avoid Oversharing

You may talk about things that are not related to your work. However, it’s a good idea to read the situation well, and not discuss personal matters. Being too open actually can make your boss feel weird and uncomfortable.

Avoid becoming an employee who overshares information. Especially if the conversation leads to negative things like bad mouthing the company or other employees. Maintaining good etiquette with your boss is a must. No matter how close you think you are with the boss, remember they’re still a superior who takes notes about your work performance and character.  Don’t let yourself be seen as someone who loves to gossip or badmouth others.

5. Don’t Be A Sycophant

You don’t have to compliment your boss often in order to get the attention. If you do it constantly and without context, you will only make your boss feel uncomfortable.

Praising can be one way to ingratiate your boss.  With a note, don’t overdo it, and make sure the timing is right. An example of the right time to give a compliment is when you are receiving directions or getting advice about work from your boss. Throw a sentence of praise that is appropriate, and sincerely thank them for the knowledge given. Appropriate and sincere praise will certainly make the boss happy and feel appreciated.

You don’t have to pretend to be someone else in front of your boss.  Pretending to be smart and knowing everything makes your boss uncomfortable with you. On the other hand, being comfortable in your own skin can make you feel relaxed and thus you are able to give constructive criticism without feeling shy.

6. Prioritize Your Work Responsibilities

You might be the friendliest person in the office; however, your boss won’t like you if you are unable to showcase professionalism by being responsible for your work. Display a professional demeanor by getting your work done first before engaging your boss in conversation. Don’t let your boss remind you to stop talking because you have not yet submitted your assignment. This can be a nightmare!

7. Find Out Your Boss Hobbies

Knowing what your boss’s hobbies are, will help you get to know your boss better. This information is also useful to be conversation material in an informal setting with your boss.

If you are in sync with your boss, you might find it easier to finish your job optimally, due to the comfortable work atmosphere. Do the ultimate tips below to get to know your boss better. Good luck!

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