ENTERTAINMENT / JOBS Reviews (2024) Is This Netflix Video Tagger Job Legit Or Scam?

Dreaming of a work-from-home job involving watching and tagging Netflix content? claims to make this dream a reality, boasting monthly earnings of up to $3,000. However, skepticism arises as we question its legitimacy. In this Flixtagger review, we delve into whether Flixtagger legit and offers a genuine opportunity or a potential scam. Let’s reveal the truth behind this captivating Netflix tagger. Netflix Tagger: Do You Really Get Paid?

The allure of earning significant income while indulging in Netflix has captured our attention through stories like Sophia, who claims to make nearly $3,000 monthly as a Netflix video tagger, earning $45 from Flixtagger. Initially appearing as a straightforward and lucrative gig, the question remains – can you really get paid for this? In this exploration, we delve deeper into the intricacies of a Netflix video tagger job to uncover the truth behind the seemingly appealing narrative.

What Exactly Does Netflix Tagger Do?

As a Netflix Video Tagger, your primary responsibility is to elevate the viewer’s experience by meticulously labeling content based on criteria such as genre, cast, language, or profanity. This role involves watching Netflix content and ensuring accurate categorization for seamless content discovery. Imagine helping users instantly find their preferred “Feel-Good Romantic Comedies.” However, it’s important to note that may not be a reliable avenue for securing this position.

Why Raises Concerns?

While the allure of a Netflix tagger job on may be tempting, several warning

signs point to its questionable legitimacy. Here’s why a cautious approach is essential:

Newly Registered was registered in March 2023. This prompts skepticism regarding the credibility of claims that individuals like Sophia have earned substantial amounts within such a brief period.

Absence Of Netflix Affiliation is not an official Netflix website. Legitimate Netflix job opportunities are exclusively found on Any other platform claiming to offer Netflix jobs is likely misleading.

Identity Crisis

Formerly known as “” and “,”’s name changes, coupled with a design resembling Netflix’s official site, suggest potential deceptive tactics, a common ploy used by scammers.

Request For Sensitive Information

Clicking “Apply now” prompts job seekers to provide extensive personal data, including Social Security numbers. While common for legitimate employers, this raises concerns about the potential misuse of personal information by scammers. Exercise caution before divulging sensitive details.

How To Become A Legitimate Netflix Tagger?

  • Applicants should be at least 18 years old with relevant qualifications, such as a background in screenplay or film studies.
  • The application process involves an initial screening to assess knowledge and passion for the role.
  • Netflix’s official website ( is the only trusted source to apply for Netflix Tagger job applications.

How Much You Can Earn As A Netflix Tagger?

  • Taggers commonly earn between $25 and $30 per hour.
  • Compensation varies based on factors like experience and other relevant considerations.
  • The nature of the job involves watching and tagging TV content, making it an appealing opportunity for entertainment enthusiasts.

Conclusion: Is Flixtagger Legit?

In light of the red flags surrounding, including its recent registration, lack of Netflix affiliation, and the request for sensitive personal data, serious concerns arise about its legitimacy. The shifting names and design similarities to the official Netflix site further contribute to skepticism. 

Aspiring Netflix Taggers are strongly advised to tread with caution, recognizing the potential risks associated with For a secure and genuine path to a Netflix Tagger role, the established avenue remains Netflix’s official website,


Is a Legitimate Platform for Netflix Tagger Jobs? is not a legitimate platform, as it raises concerns due to recent registration, lack of Netflix affiliation, and previous name changes. Exercise caution and consider alternative avenues for pursuing a Netflix Tagger role.

How Can I Legitimately Apply to Become a Netflix Tagger?

Navigate the legitimate path by meeting eligibility criteria, such as being at least 18 years old and having relevant qualifications in screenplay or film studies. Apply through Netflix’s official website,

Are There Alternatives to for Pursuing a Netflix Tagger Role?

Yes, for a secure and legitimate path to becoming a Netflix Tagger, use the official Netflix website,, to explore genuine opportunities and avoid potential scams.

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