5 Reasons To Visit Sedona For Vacation

Reasons To Visit Sedona For Vacation

There are only a handful of truly mystical places in the United States; places that seemingly transport you to another planet, give you what you can’t find anywhere else, and make you feel different than the country you’re used to. Sedona is one of those places. 

In this blog, we’re going to explain why Sedona is the perfect choice for your next vacation destination. Take a much-needed trip to a desert oasis that will haunt you when you have to sadly depart. Post up in a Sedona cliff house for the weekend, with easy access to the nearby mountains and stunning views of the red landscape.

Where Is Sedona? 

Located just under two hours north of Phoenix, but not quite to Flagstaff, Sedona provides an almost otherworldly experience that contrasts the city life of Phoenix. Because its elevation rises to 4500 feet above sea level, Sedona maintains a cooler temperature than Phoenix—generally 10 degrees cooler on an average day. So you can enjoy the beauty of Arizona without the searing temperatures of the city.

Why Is Sedona Famous?

Sedona is largely famous due to its red rock formations. The sandstone provides a Mars-like landscape that many travel to for not only admiration, but for a spiritual escape as well. It’s believed several energy vortexes exist in the region, providing a potential perspective-altering, if not trippy, experience for those searching for it. 

Several gorgeous landmarks are famous in this region as well, such as: 

  • Cathedral Rock 
  • Boynton Canyon 
  • Bell Rock 
  • Airport Mesa Overlook 
  • And more. 

To escape, or at least put away for a time, the stresses of the modern world, Sedona provides a unique opportunity to be swept away by the beauty of the landscape. It’s less stressful than a big city, charming in its small-town feel, and enchanting in the best way possible. 

5 Reasons To Visit

To Reconnect With Nature 

If you’re missing a stronger connection to nature or the outdoors, Sedona is perfect for you. It’s ideal for a stunning drive, a beautiful hike, mountain biking, rafting, sightseeing, trail running, and so much more. The colors of the mountains and hills will hypnotize you and make you fall in love. Plus, there’s so much sky available for stargazing during the night. What more do you need? 

To Experience Arizona In A New Way

The Valley of the Sun can be brutally hot and dry. Sedona provides a more temperate climate that makes exploring the outdoor area not only bearable, but quite enjoyable. Though Phoenix and Scottsdale provide some of the best shopping, city life, professional sporting events, concerts, and more, Sedona is equally rich in beautiful sights, pleasant weather, and a shift in your perspective. 

To Explore Your Spirituality 

If you need an escape from the pressures of the modern, digitized world, Sedona can help you reconnect with, or develop a new, sense of spirituality and connection to the larger world. Take educational tours about the vortexes in the area, UFO sightings, sacred sites and locations, and more. It can be a thrilling experience to discover some new, goosebump-inducing experiences that push your ideas about spirituality, religion, or connection to the universe. 

If You Love Art

Home to more than 500 artists and 80 shops and galleries, Sedona is the perfect hub for a Western art show or experience with new artists. Sedona is known for its ability to change its visitors and haunt them in the best, which leads to some pretty stunning artistic projects and creations. It’s a wonderful spot for Native American-inspired art, gorgeous landscape art, abstract desert creations, and more. 

As The Base For Your Arizona Vacation 

There might not be a better home base to explore the Grand Canyon State than Sedona. It’s perfectly located just 45 minutes from Flagstaff (hello skiing and Arizona snow), two hours north of Phoenix (hello city life, pro sports, concerts, clubs, etc.), and two hours away from the actual Grand Canyon. This allows you to experience some of the most iconic places in Arizona from a location that’s magical, temperate, beautiful, captivating, and so much more. If you’ve never been to Arizona, making Sedona your vacation spot is the perfect hub to experience the overall beauty of the state. 


There’s simply no place like Sedona. It’s perhaps the most enchanting area of Arizona, and it comes with wonderful weather, stunning colors and scenery, an impressive food and art scene, and more. Plus, it’s well-situated for visitors to be able to travel around the state effortlessly, taking in the views along the way. It will truly be a unique, new experience as far as vacations go. 

Don’t go straight to Phoenix (unless you fly in there, of course), but take to the countryside of Arizona to experience the raw, untouched beauty of the American Southwest.

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