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In a world where online scams are a growing concern, it’s essential to be cautious. promises to help you update your address with the USPS, but there are concerns that it might be a scam. This review will help you determine whether is legitimate or a potential threat to your finances. We’re here to provide you with the information you need to make safe choices and protect your money.

Revealing Scam, an online retailer based in Houston, Texas, offers services related to address changes. To facilitate address changes, is a user-friendly platform that charges a modest $1.05 fee, requiring a valid credit or debit card and an email address for identity verification. 

However, there’s a catch to that could leave you feeling scammed. After you complete the transaction, your card is unexpectedly charged a whopping $49.09, far more than the initially advertised $1.05 fee. The company’s website is designed to closely resemble the official USPS site, but it conveniently conceals the true cost of the address change service until it’s too late. There’s no upfront notification that your card is about to be charged $49 for a seemingly straightforward USPS change of address request.

Adding to the deception, when customers attempt to contact the provided customer service number, they are simply redirected to voicemail, leaving them with no immediate recourse and raising serious concerns about the legitimacy of

Updateouraddress Reviews has left consumers frustrated and deceived, as shown in BBB reviews. The BBB, a reliable mediator, can help resolve such overcharging problems and ensure businesses are held accountable for their actions, making it an essential ally for consumers facing these issues. 

One customer intended to change their address for a USPS move and anticipated a $1.05 fee, only to discover that Updateouraddress had charged them an exorbitant $59.90. Another person also fell victim to this misleading scheme, expecting a $1.99 charge but ending up with a $59.90 fee. What’s more, efforts to contact the company’s customer service were futile, as the phone line was redirected to voicemail with no response.

Falling Victim To Scam – What To Do:

Gather Proof: Begin by accumulating evidence of the overcharge, including transaction screenshots, email communications, and receipts.

Reach Out to Attempt to make contact through available means, clearly articulating your concern and presenting your gathered evidence.

Lodge a Complaint with the BBB: Utilize the Better Business Bureau’s platform to officially register a complaint against, supplying all pertinent evidence and incident details.

Contact Your Bank or Credit Card Company: If your payment was made via a credit card, contemplate initiating a dispute with your card provider. They have the capacity to aid in resolving the matter and initiating a chargeback if necessary.

Spread the Word: Share your Updateouraddress reviews to raise awareness about deceitful practices, helping prevent others from falling victim to this scam.


In conclusion, the deceptive practices of the scam, which have led to numerous customers being overcharged, highlight the importance of vigilance in the digital realm. If you find yourself ensnared in such a situation, following these steps can help you seek redress and potentially prevent others from falling into the same trap. Remember, it’s vital to maintain a watchful eye on online transactions and always verify the legitimacy of the services you engage with.


Is affiliated with the USPS?

No, is not affiliated with the United States Postal Service (USPS). It is a separate entity that offers address change services.

How can I contact’s customer service?

While it can be challenging to reach their customer service, you can try contacting them through the available channels on their website.

What is a chargeback, and how does it work with my bank or credit card company?

A chargeback is a process that allows you to dispute a transaction with your bank or credit card company. They will investigate the issue and, if it is deemed valid, reverse the charge to your account.

How can I file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?

To file a complaint with the BBB, visit their website, locate the page for the business in question (in this case,, and follow their complaint filing process, providing all relevant evidence and details.

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