Most Ratchet Asian Girl (September 2022) All You Need To Know!

Most Ratchet Asian Girl

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Today, we’ll talk about the most ratchet asian girl that has been on trend nowadays. Lovely Mimi is certainly the most ratchet asian girl, and her originality has brought her widespread popularity. So let’s have a look at her in detail:

Who Is Lovely Mimi – The Most Ratchet Asian Girl?

Lovely Mimi is a viral hit on the internet who gained recognition primarily due to her amazing nail art that she displayed on social media and an MTV program. She has gone through some of the hardest times of her life, yet she never gave up, thanks to her spirit.

Lovely Mimi is known as Myha this Luong. She is recognized as a Vietnamese-American who participated in the American reality program VH1. Mimi has a reputation for creating unique nail art and has done it for a very long time. With her 2.4 million followers, Lovely Mimi used to post about videos and artwork.

Most Ratchet Asian Girl Early Life

Mimi was born in Vietnam in 1990, lived in the Philippines as a child, and then immigrated to the US in 1993 together with her parents. She came from a middle-class household, wasn’t up on the latest fashions, and frequently received taunts about how she looked. She did not have an easy childhood. Before her parents fled to the US, she spent her early years in a refugee camp in Vietnam. 

They initially settled in Silver Springs. The entire family had resided in a one-bedroom apartment. Mimi has a brother and five sisters. Her father, a former pastor in Vietnam, passed away in 2014. Mimi has only met her elder sister once, and she is still in Vietnam.

Marital Life

In 2010, Mimi and her longtime partner Remy Skinner were married. He also served as her manager. Both of the couple’s children are called Jay and Juice. Additionally, they have a lovely family and a pet named jefe.

Professional Life

Mimi didn’t land a good career and was a high school dropout who had never attended middle school. She was gifted, though, and this did not prevent her from succeeding in life. In Maryland, she owns a nail business. She began to share this on her social media and garnered interest. She was known as the most Ratchet Asian female in the entire world. Mimi ran five salons in Atlanta and is unquestionably one of the best nail technicians.

Her estimated $2 million net worth. She also co-wrote the hip-hop song “we don’t care,” which was released in collaboration with an English boy band.

TV Career

Mimi debuted on the MTV program on the second episode of the sixth season in 2017. Later, she changed her address to Atlanta and joined a comedy show. She then opened Ultraviolet Nail Lounge, her own nail salon.

Social Media

Mimi joined Instagram with the username “Mimi lovely nails” because she was aware of how to dominate social media. She then started sharing pictures and videos on social media.

Additionally, she created a second account under the name “itslovelymimi” and began posting lessons for makeup, nail polish, and fashion statements. In addition, she advised on how to purchase at reputable clothing retailers that also assist customers in creating their own sense of style. She received the attention of millions of followers because so many individuals contributed to her social media accounts’ success in helping her establish her name.

Mimi appreciates the value of the social media channels through which she promotes her nail shops. She has more than 7,000 posts and 2.6 million followers. She also joined Twitter in February 2016 with the least active account on the platform, and as of now, she has 500 tweets and 8,400 followers. “Itslovelymimi.” On January 13, 2015, she joined YouTube with 500,000 followers, 60 million views, and more than 300 videos.


So, this was all about the most ratchet asian girl. She is a really great inspiration for today’s youth. She had faced so many difficulties in her life, but she stood up on her own and achieved a successful life. 

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