FINANCE Charge On Credit Card And Bank Statement: Know All The Details! Charge

In the evolving landscape of online transactions, a new concern has taken center stage – the charge scam. The initial sign of this scam is when an unanticipated charge emerges on your credit card statement, often linked to transactions supposedly made on entertainment websites. The situation becomes even more disappointing when these charges are not authorized by you.

In this article, we will look into the charge scam and insights into how to protect yourself from such fraudulent actions.

About is a secure payment gateway and payment provider that facilitates online transactions. Established in 2005 and primarily operating from Malaysia, offers a platform that allows customers to make purchases and conduct transactions across various online platforms. It aims to provide a safe and secure environment for online marketplace transactions, ensuring that users can confidently make payments and complete transactions. 

What Is Charge?

The term “ charge” refers to a charge that is displayed on your credit card statement in association with transactions made on entertainment websites. It’s important to highlight that this charge might surface on your statement even if you have not initiated any purchases yourself. In such cases, taking immediate action is crucial. 

What Steps Should I Take If I’ve Noticed An Charge That I Didn’t Authorize?

Take immediate action if you spot an unauthorized charge on your statement. Carefully review your records to ensure the charge isn’t from a legitimate transaction. If it’s unauthorized, promptly contact your credit card issuer or the associated merchant. Reach out to your credit card company’s customer service to report the charge, providing transaction details and any relevant documentation. 

Most issuers have mechanisms to investigate and temporarily refund the amount during the inquiry. Swiftly addressing the issue safeguards your financial security and ensures timely resolution, underscoring the importance of proactive measures against potential fraudulent activities.


An charge on your credit card statement serves as a red flag for potential fraud. Rapidly reporting unauthorized transactions can protect you against further complications. Stay vigilant and resolute to maintain the integrity of your financial security.


What is charge?

An charge refers to an unauthorized or unexpected charge on your credit card statement, often linked to entertainment website transactions, prompting potential fraud concerns.

What steps should I take if I notice an charge?

If you spot an unauthorized charge, review your receipts and contact your credit card issuer or the merchant to investigate. Prompt action can help address the issue effectively.

Am I responsible for paying unauthorized charges?

No, if you didn’t authorize the transaction, you typically won’t be held accountable for paying unauthorized charges on your credit card.

How can I protect myself from online scams like charge?

Exercise caution while sharing credit card details online. If you detect any suspicious activity, promptly report it to your credit card issuer for resolution.

What’s the role of in online transactions? serves as a secure payment gateway, facilitating online transactions across various platforms. While it’s legitimate, recent attention highlights instances of unauthorized charges associated with it.

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