Clogged Drains: What To Do Before Calling A Plumber

Clogged Drains

Ignoring a clog problem in your home can result in a full-blown plumbing emergency. Thus, make sure to pay attention to the problem at first sight. Before calling the pros, here is what you can do to prevent a drain clog from getting worse.

  • Wash the sink stoppers and trap traps. This is also the best way to prevent clog formation. There are many ways to clog sinks, and trapping sinks is the best way to prevent them.
  • Clean the drain pipes. This is actually a process of daily cleaning. Do it from top to bottom and from drain to drain. This will ensure that you are not trapping any clogs.
  • If you happen to have a clogged drain on your bathtub, try using a nylon strainer to unclog the drain. If you don’t have a nylon strainer, you can use the regular strainer that comes with your bathtub. If the clog has been broken up and stuck in the drain, you will need to remove the clog from the drain. The process will take a little while, but you should not encounter any serious problems.
  • If you have a clogged showerhead, the drain will need to be cleaned. Get a pair of needle-nose pliers and insert them into the drain until they get clogged, and then loosen them. This will cause the clogged foams to come loose. Be careful; some drain pipes contain very hot foam, so be sure to hold the pliers in a position where they won’t be pierced by hot water. A tool called a pipe wrench can be used for this.
  • If you have a copper pipe that is trapped, use a snake to remove the clog. This is an old-fashioned tool; you will need a lot of patience.

For clearing stubborn clogs, leave the job to the hands of professionals. Drain cleaning can be messy when you do not have the right tools to use. Save your time and effort by calling an expert in home plumbing San Diego. Book a service now!

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