Your Buying Guide For Adult Motorbike Helmets

Buying Guide For Adult Motorbike Helmets

Riding a motorbike can be thrilling, but no matter how seasoned one is, one cannot throw caution to the wind. As enjoyable as motorbiking may be, it comes with its risks. Riders may not always be able to avoid accidents, but with the proper precautions, they can minimise the damage. One indispensable item in every motorcyclist’s gear kit should be a helmet.

If you want to invest in a new helmet, this post can be an introduction or a refresher. Remember the following points, and you won’t be lost when shopping for adult motorbike helmets for sale.

What To Appraise In A Motorbike Helmet

1. Visibility

The glass pane in front of your eyes is called a visor. It gives you a clear and sufficient field of view and prevents distractions like blinders on a horse. It also shields your eyes from debris and insects. When you try helmets, ensure the visor isn’t scratched or cracked.

2. Odour

The products should be brand new when you buy adult motorbike helmets for sale. If a helmet has a funky odour, you shouldn’t buy it. A used helmet might do a great job of preventing a Humpty Dumpty situation, but on the dark side, you might end up with head lice or an itchy scalp.

3. Weight

Your helmet should weigh no more than 1.5 kg. If it is too heavy, you might strain your neck or suffer from headaches, which will subtract from your enjoyment on the road. Contrastingly, it cannot protect you if it is too light, as it will not withstand heavy impact.

4. Ventilation

Helmets should be neither too loose nor too tight. When you shut the visor and strap it under your chin, you should not suffocate. After all, it’s a helmet. If you wanted an airtight container, you would have gone to a homeware site, not a venue advertising adult motorbike helmets for sale. Suppose you rashly buy a helmet, embark on a ride, and find yourself struggling to breathe in a traffic situation where there’s no chance of pulling up. In that case, what happens? Do you panic or pry the helmet off your head? If you buy your helmet online only to realise it doesn’t fit you, you can exchange it for another option.

5. Colour

Colour is more of a personal choice than a practical consideration. There are no hard and fast rules regarding colour choice, except if you belong to a riders’ club with a dress code. If you ride at night, a bright helmet might work in your favour by increasing your visibility. The better other night-riders can see you, the lesser your chances of getting into a collision.

6. Budget

There’s no denying that anyone interested in motorcycle riding requires safety gear. Your preferred helmet may be slightly over your budget, but it might help to remember that hospital bills are drastically more expensive than helmets. Spending a little extra on your helmet is a worthwhile investment in your safety. If you cannot afford your desired helmet, talk to the sellers, and they will point you to products that are easy on the pocket without compromising on quality.

Wrapping Up

Statistics from 2021 indicate that there were 1,123 fatalities resulting from road accidents in Australia. Per the Centre for Road Safety laws, all Australian motorcyclists should wear helmets meeting the AS/NZS 1698:2006 Protective Helmets for Vehicle Users standards. Buy a quality helmet from the best Australian sellers and ride responsibly.


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