Why Would You Need An Irrigation Blow Out?

Irrigation Blow Out

Have you ever wondered what causes the most damage to an irrigation system? Well, it is water! You might think we are crazy but it is the truth. However, the form of water that causes damage is different. The frozen form of water is one of the most common causes that endanger the irrigation system. And this damage occurs the most in winters.

We all assume that turning off the water is enough to put the irrigation system to sleep during winters but that is just a little part of the story. This is where one needs to have knowledge about irrigation start up and blow out as it helps in reducing the damage.

How Is The Winter Season Damaging Your Irrigation System?

A lot of us don’t know it but each time an irrigation system is run, a little amount of water stays in the backflow, valve heads and pipes. Yes, even if you have stopped the water, ensure that it is turned off. During spring, this isn’t much of a trouble, given that the water isnt leaking from any area or isn’t puddling in any corner. However, during the winter season, it isn’t an easy story. These same remnants of water can be troublesome. The remaining water can lead to a huge problem if it is not addressed on time.

The water turns into ice within a few days and starts causing troubles for the irrigation system. Ice also weakens the walls of the pipes. This means that your system might keep running fine but one day, unexpectedly a sudden breakage might occur. So how do you prevent this damage? Let’s find out.

Ways To Prevent The Damage:

The best way to prevent the damage during the winter season is to have irrigation blow outdone by the professionals. Experts winterize your irrigation system to ensure that there is no water remaining in the valves and pipes. How do they do so?

They turn off the main water source of the irrigation system. Then, with the help of an air compressor. All the remaining water (even tiny droplets) is blown out of the pipes one by one. Each zone is winterized properly, to ensure that no droplets remain inside. This is why it is termed as irrigation “blow out”.

Once all the pipes and valves are clear, the main source of water is powered off for the winter season. They either plug the main power source off or disconnect the entire backflow of your irrigation system, depending on what seems more trustworthy for you. If you are worried that the water might start running accidentally, we prefer that you get the backflow disconnected for the season to be at peace.

Irrigation blow out is one of the best ways to keep your irrigation systems safe and sound so that they run fine during the spring and summer.

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