Why Is Assisted Living Popular With Elderly People? A Guide

Assisted Living With Elderly People

Many people with a senior relative who is showing signs of not being able to manage in their own homes know it can be hard to consider moving them into an assisted living facility.

Indeed, many people have the image of these facilities being rather neglected and unentertaining for those who live in them, due in part to media images of such places. However, there are many advantages of moving into assisted living for older people, so much so that these kinds of residential settings are becoming exceedingly popular.

You may be wondering why, and this article aims to break it down for you.

There Is Structure

Many older people live by themselves, and for a lot of them, there is no structure throughout the day, which means days can feel like weeks. This is not good if you have an elderly relative who has a condition such as dementia or another type of neurocognitive issue. At somewhere like Oak Hill assisted living, there will be structure throughout the day for all of the residents, meaning that there will be a set time for lunch, a set time for breakfast, dinner, and activities which will help break the day up and will keep them occupied.

There Are Friends

Loneliness is an epidemic in the older population, especially those who live in their own homes. When somebody moves into an assisted living facility, they are immediately surrounded by people of the same age with whom they can converse and become friends. This is a core reason why these types of settings are so popular, as they get rid of loneliness.

There Are Activities

Activities were mentioned earlier, and in an assisted living facility, there will be things for your relative to do throughout the day, such as dance lessons, music, puzzles, and other entertaining activities, such as outings. This will once again help to keep them occupied and will give them things to focus on and look forward to.

There Is Help

It’s worth noting that there is a significant presence in these facilities of medical staff, which means that your elderly relative will have access to help as and when they need it. This is better for them mentally and physically, as they will not have to wait for doctor’s appointments which can make ailments or injuries worse.

No Cooking!

Of course, a core thing that many people love about assisted living is that they don’t have to cook the meals unless they want to get involved. This means that they will have three balanced meals a day, which are specified to their dietary requirements, which they don’t have to cook and can enjoy in the comfort of their room or a communal area.

So, there you have it! Always be sure when choosing an assisted living facility for your loved one that they have a say in the process, and make sure that the facility is clean and well maintained. That way, you can rest assured that your loved one is getting the help they deserve in their golden years.

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