When Is The Best Time To Buy Matching Sets For Work?

Buy Matching Sets For Work

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Fashion trends always maintain momentum. A perfect example is matching sets. From loungewear to athleisure ‘fits, these outfits are a year-round staple that makes it easy to look put together when running errands or making that ZOOM call.

For the lazy fashion girl, matching sets offer her a sartorial cake, which she eats. She can wear the entire set or mix the pieces with other items in her wardrobe for even more options.


Matching workout sets for women are easy to mix and match with other pieces in your closet, making them a versatile fashion option for any season. Whether you’re looking for a cute co-ord to wear to a cocktail party or a casual loungewear set to chill in while streaming your favorite show, there’s a matching set for every mood. Consider your current lifestyle, clothing needs, budget, and geographic location when shopping for a new matching set.

As summer winds down, opt for a comfy, lightweight romper or jumpsuit in a fun pattern or print. You can also look for a professional set with longer skirts and button-down tops for a night out or a work event.

If you’re looking for something a little more versatile, try out a denim set. The ribbed material will keep you warm throughout the winter, and the collared shirt will be meeting-friendly.

You can find matching sets for work at various retailers, but if you want to get an even better deal on your purchase, be sure to shop at secondhand stores and online marketplaces. Sites like Poshmark allow users to sell their slightly worn clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories and often offer matching sets at a fraction of the retail price.


Regarding matching sets, summer is one of the best times to purchase them. You’ll find many loungewear sets made of lightweight fabrics like organic cotton and linen, keeping you cool throughout the warm season. Plus, there are plenty of cute matching sets you can wear out running errands or even to your kids’ summer sports practice or casual dinner with friends.

Consider this Ooh La La loungewear set, for example. The oversized crew neck sweatshirt and perfectly fitted joggers are designed to be comfortable but stylish enough to take out on ZOOM calls or even to the bus stop. Pair it with your favorite sneakers, Birkenstock sandals, or Ugg clogs, and you’re ready for work, school drop off/pick up, or a casual outing with friends.

Matching sets can also be worn to the beach or pool, especially if you opt for long pants and a sleeveless or crop top. You could even dress this style up for a casual beach wedding or evening event by adding a light jacket.

The best part about matching sets is that they take the guesswork out of what to wear for a particular occasion, so you can grab the entire look in a flash and go. Remember to keep your lifestyle in mind and only purchase a matching set you won’t be able to wear often, which may not work well with your local weather conditions.


Whether you’re an avid matchy-matchy wearer or love having easy-to-throw-on outfits that look polished and put together, a matching set is a life hack worth investing in. “Matching sets are super stylish and versatile—they can be worn as a whole, or you can mix and match the pieces,” LA-based stylist Estelle Aporongao explains to ELLE. Matching sets usually comprise a cropped top with a skirt or pants. You can pair the bottoms with jeans, shorts, sneakers, or sandals for casual looks, and style the top with a long skirt and tailored jacket for work or nighttime. This trend has become incredibly popular as it is favored by fashion influencers, who often showcase their favorite pairings on Instagram.

It’s time to update your wardrobe with cozy matching sets as the weather gets colder. A cashmere blend hoodie and jogger set from Summersalt is perfect for at-home lounging or running errands without compromising warmth, comfort, or style.

If you want to add texture and interest to your outfits, matching sets with unique patterns are a great choice. For example, pairing a plaid jacket and skirt from Aje is an excellent choice to transition into fall as the leaves start turning. The tawny brown color and mid-weight non-stretch quilted fabric will provide a sophisticated business casual look.


There’s no wrong time to invest in a matching set. From loungewear and athleisure sets with long pants and sleeveless or crop tops to professionally selected options, including skirts and tailored blazers, there are options for every occasion and season. Plus, matching sets can be an easy go-to when you’re in a rush and must quickly get dressed.

Consider the Aje Surrealist Quilted Jacket and Mini Skirt perfect examples. This tawny brown, lightweight, non-stretch quilted pair comes together in one package and is the perfect transitional outfit for fall. Whether heading to brunch with friends or meeting the girls for an early night out, this matching set will help take the guesswork out of getting dressed.

The best part about matching sets is that they can double as mix-and-match inspirations for other outfits you already own. This approach to your wardrobe will help you make the most of your new outfits while saving space in your closet.

An excellent place to start is looking for matching sets online at Poshmark and eBay, where people sell gently worn items. Both websites offer various options, from clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories, so you can find a piece that suits your style. You can even score some high-end designer pieces at an incredible price.

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