What To Look For When Shopping For Sunsafe Swimwear

Shopping For Sunsafe Swimwear

While there are many products on the market to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, your preparation for escaping it is incomplete without selecting Sunsafe Swimwear. The broad concept of ‘everything full-neck and long-sleeved passed in the name of sun protection clothing, on the other hand, might cause more harm than benefit to you. But even this approach does not work when it comes to swimsuits for apparent reasons. You can neither look inappropriate at the beach nor can you compromise your safety or health in the bid to nail your beach look. And while beachwear dedicated to fighting harmful rays is a reasonably new concept, many thoughtful brands are now catering to this aspect. Therefore it is time to make the most of this fad.

While the parameters for choosing general sun protection clothing and sunsafe swimsuits are not significantly different, there are some key things to bear in mind nonetheless. Explored below are the indicators to consider or look out for before buying a sunsafe swimsuit:


The material is one of the primary things to think about before purchasing a sun protection swimsuit. Although swimsuit materials typically oscillate between lycra, polyester or elastane, it would be best to look for a brand that specialises in manufacturing UV protection swimsuits. Another essential aspect to watch out for is the material construction. Get yourself equipped with information regarding material construction as it can be detrimental when fighting potential carcinogenic rays.

Fabric Quality

It is imperative to pick the best variant of your desired fabric for swimwear shopping. It can considerably impact your wearing experience. Besides, it makes all the difference when protecting your stunning skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Therefore it is essential to place functionality before funk because you’re not merely investing in any swimwear but the one specifically designed to keep your skin safe.


If you think colour may not be a crucial factor, well, think again. The relationship between colour and heat is pretty close-knit. It is because the higher the dye concentration, the better the heat retention. Therefore dark monochrome hues are advised against wearing during summers. They absorb higher heat as compared to fabrics featuring a range of colours. It is applicable while shopping for Sunsafe Swimwear too. There is no shortage of options for swimwear, and you can get the best of both- appearance and UV protection by simply opting for a suitable one!

UPF Approved

Finally, another significant indicator to weigh in before buying your swimwear is to ensure it is UPF approved. So what is the UPF rating? The Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) is a standardised, legitimate and generally accepted rating indicator designed to determine the efficiency of your fabric to combat harmful UV rays. Fabrics are passed through a lab test and exposed to direct ultraviolet as part of the testing rays. All you have to do is look out for the label carrying the UPF certified rating on your swimwear.

While style and spunk are the predominant factors when buying swimwear, the need of the hour is to not compromise on your skin or health and therefore invest in the right kind of sun-safe swimming clothes. Taking the points mentioned above into consideration, you can be sure of making the right choice.

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