What To Look For When Purchasing A Range Cooker

Purchasing A Range Cooker

We can all agree, range cookers are a beautiful additional to any kitchen. Whether you’ve got your eyes on a stainless steel range cooker, or another finish, these hefty appliances are not only cookers but also act as a heating source, and will look excellent in any kitchen space.

Sadly however, purchasing a range cooker is not just about aesthetics and choosing the model that’ll look best, you also want to make sure that the range cooker you purchase best fits your needs and requirements.

Make sure to read on below for our guide on what to look for when purchasing a range cooker.

Fuel Type

Traditionally, a range cooker will be cast iron and fuelled with either wood or oil, which once lit will stay on for the rest of the day.

However, more modern models combine the traditional old-school aesthetics with modern convenience.

Now, you’ll find a huge range of designs available in either electric, gas or dual fuel fuel types.

Cooking Capacity

The next thing you should think about is the cooking capacity you need. One benefit of choosing a range cooker is the impressive cooking capacity you’ll receive, with up to three ovens and a grill. Therefore, you’ll be able to cook various dishes at the same time.

Many range cookers also come complete with a selection of hob options too, such as gas burners, a wok facility, hotplates and ceramic panels.

Cooker Size

When shopping for a range cooker, you’ll find that a range cooker is typically double the width of a conventional cooker. However, some will be more compact to fit smaller openings. So it’s important to consider which will fit the space you have available better.

It’s also important to keep in mind that you should leave around 3cm at the back of your range cooker, so that the appliance isn’t pushed up against the wall, potentially damaging the electric cable or blocking the induction vent.

Hob Type

Traditionally, range cookers would come complete with hotplates. However nowadays, you will be able to choose from the more traditional format, or gas or induction hobs.

You’ll also be able to choose from a range of additional features such as griddles, teppanyaki plates and wok burners, to allow you to tailor your cooker to your cooking style.

Easy-to-Clean Functions

Should you be looking for a range cooker that is easy to clean, then you’ll likely need a dual fuel model. Typically these range cookers come with special pyrolytic self-clean liners that allow you to simply wipe and clean the interior cavity of the oven.

In fact, many range cooker models will come with removable parts, such as the hob burners, pan supports and shelves. Therefore, you can remove them from the oven and clean them much more easily.

Don’t Forget The Weight!

Should you be considering purchasing your perfect range cooker for your kitchen space? There is one last thing you should consider without fail.

Range cookers are very heavy appliances; older models can in fact weigh up to 350kg. More modern models will weigh around 35kg, however no matter what model you’re looking into buying, you need to check that your floor is capable of holding that kind of weight.

You should also make sure that the floor in your kitchen is level.

We hope that the above guide has given you the guidance that you need to purchase the right range cooker, and help make making the right decision that little bit easier. Should you need any more help and advice, make sure to get in touch with your local reputable range cooker stockist, who’ll be able to give you some more help.

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