What To Expect At A Consultation With A Social Security Disability Attorney

Social Security Disability Attorney

If you have a disability that prevents you from working, you may be considering applying for Social Security Disability benefits. Going through the application process on your own can be complicated and challenging. Working with an experienced disability attorney Greensboro NC-located can significantly increase your chances of getting approved. But before hiring an attorney, you’ll meet with them for an initial consultation. Here’s what you can expect at a consultation with a social security disability attorney.

Getting Your Background Information

The consultation will start with the attorney asking you questions about your medical history and work history. Be prepared to provide details about when your condition started, how it has progressed, what diagnoses you have received, and what treatments you’ve tried. The lawyer will also ask about your past jobs, what job duties you can no longer perform, and why you stopped working. The more information you can provide upfront, the better the attorney will understand your situation.

Explaining The SSDI Process

An experienced disability lawyer will walk you through the ins and outs of the application process. The lawyer will explain the five-step sequential evaluation used by the Social Security Administration to determine if someone qualifies for benefits. They’ll also outline the paperwork you’ll need to submit, what to expect from doctor evaluations and hearings, and how long applying takes on average. While the system can seem intimidating, the lawyer will break it down into understandable steps.

Assessing The Strengths & Weaknesses Of Your Case

Based on the information you provide, the SSD attorney will give you their honest take on the strengths and weaknesses of your disability claim. Since approval often hinges on having strong medical evidence in your records, the lawyer may point to gaps that could hurt your case. For instance, they may recommend getting medical opinions from your doctors or having more tests done to better document your condition. While you may want an upbeat opinion, it’s important to know the realistic chances to set expectations.

Explaining Their Representation Fees

Reputable Social Security Disability lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning there is no upfront cost to you. The attorney only gets paid if you win your case and receive your backpay or settlement award. Usually the fee is a percentage of your back benefits. During the consultation, make sure to ask about the lawyer’s specific payment structure, so there are no surprises later. Most attorneys take their fee out of your benefits upon approval and send you the remainder.

Answering Your Questions

Going through the disability application process can stir up lots of questions and concerns. That’s why part of the consultation meeting focuses on answering any you might have. Common questions include: How long does the appeals process take? What happens if I get denied? Does my family qualify for any additional benefits? Don’t leave the meeting until all of your questions have been addressed. It’s perfectly fine to ask the attorney to explain anything that’s unclear.

Deciding If It’s A Good Fit

After the consultation, take some time to decide if this lawyer is the right fit for you. Make sure you feel comfortable with them and confident in their knowledge of the SSD system. Work with an attorney who listens attentively to you, understands your medical history, and is upfront about your chances.

The initial consultation gives you critical information for evaluating SSDI representation. Use it as an opportunity to educate yourself on the process and determine if this attorney can help get your disability benefits approved. If they seem knowledgeable, and you work well together, you’ll be off to a good start.

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