What To Consider When It Comes To Furniture, Fixtures & Fittings

What To Consider When It Comes To Furniture

We all know how much we can get wrapped up in our dream renovations and how amazing it is transforming your space. It’s exciting and intense, and if you’re anything like us, you jump into things and get carried away and then encounter a few – let’s say – hiccups, along the way… Furniture, fixtures and fittings are an integral part to any refurbishment or renovation as it truly is the final part of any project to bring an everyday space into what you desire. This is why some individuals consider FF&E Services. These are services whereby you can outsource your furniture, fixtures and equipment to a professional who will source, deliver and implement your requirements for the space. We’ve put together the perfect little starter guide of the things to consider in order to avoid those sticky situations so your renovations run smoothly. You’ll be in your perfect new space so soon, buzzing about how it’s exactly how you dreamed, and how it was so easy too – so, here are your most common mistakes to avoid:

Electrics In The Right Place

The importance of getting your electrics in the right place can’t be understated! Think your whole way through the process before you jump in – you have to have solid plans for this one. Most importantly, because if you get it wrong, it can be dangerous, so make sure you’re confident in the safety of your wiring and your fittings. It’s also super important because of the impact it has on your room – practically, you want your plug sockets in places where you can seamlessly mount your TV and hide the wiring, where your chargers can reach, or you can plug in the vacuum with the best reach. If you’re making more dramatic structural changes, think about where the electrics will end up in your new space and how to keep safe during the renovation process. This thought process and planning is FF&E Procurement Specialist 101 for a professional who deals with this on a regular basis. Find out more about FF&E Procurement services here.

Lighting Having A Purpose

Positioning your lighting in the space with purpose will have a really big outcome on the impact and feeling of your room, which is why you have to consider it carefully. Off the back of making sure your electrics are in the right place, think about the main lighting in the room – will it get a lot of natural light, or will you be using it more at a time where there won’t be so much daylight? Decide whether you want one big main light and what kind of shade and the impact it will have on shielding the light, or consider instead spotlights. Use your favourite style of lamp to create light hot spots for reading, working or activities, and finally, think about the atmosphere and maybe consider the use of string lights or the impact of light colour to end up with the perfect feeling in the space.

Measuring Accurately For Fittings

Measuring is the foundation of your project! When we talk about fittings, precision is particularly important because an error can make a big difference to the way things go together, especially if it’s something that it’s no longer viable as a result.  Where diminutive size is concerned, an error of even a millimetre or so can make a big difference to the fit. The importance of precision and the potential consequences aren’t something most of us encounter in day-to-day life, and in the context of renovating or DIY, sometimes you only get one shot at getting it right, or we don’t have the tools or equipment and knowledge to make adjustments to the fitting to make it work, which means often you have to get it right the first time to avoid a whole world of hassle.

Furniture Fitting

Furniture is the most visually impactful part of most designs, which means it’ll be most people’s first impression, so it’s important to get it right! The vital bit that a lot of people forget here is actually getting the piece into the space. You might have found the perfect piece for the room from furniture stores calgary, but if you have a small hallway or a corner to turn that won’t allow you to pass, you’ll end up with a piece you can’t use potential damage to the hallway and your item, and a lot of frustration. In short, make sure to consider the logistics to avoid disappointment (and potentially a lot of cost) further down the line.

Coordinating Timings

You’ll likely have thought of the main things, like organising your electrics and waterworks before you fix up your walls, and how you oughtn’t get beautiful new carpets before you’ve finished painting and decorating. Something important you should make sure to bear in mind is your cleaning timeline. Nobody wants the pieces of furniture or their accent artwork delivered whilst it’s still dirty and work is ongoing, and risk it getting damaged or degraded. Make sure you’re done with the drilling and painting, then everything is cleaned up to avoid having the hassle of protecting the new things that should have been scheduled a few days later.

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