What Is Blackbaud Volunteer Management? 6 Key Functions To Look For In A Software

Blackbaud Volunteer Management

What Is Blackbaud Volunteer Management? 

Blackbaud Volunteer Management helps you manage the volunteer lifecycle. Nonprofits, schools, and churches use it. The software can be used to manage volunteers, track their hours, and send them messages. It also helps you recruit, acquire, place, and engage volunteers. 

Many organizations use Blackbaud Volunteer Management to track their volunteers, including schools and churches. The software can be used by organizations of all sizes, including small charities, with only a few volunteers. It has many features, including sending messages and emails to volunteers. Nonprofits also use it to manage their volunteers and track their hours.

Suppose you’re looking for software that will help your organization keep track of volunteers, provide them with a way to sign up for shifts, and communicate with each other easily. In that case, Blackbaud Volunteer Management is the software for you. 

The product combines the best features of various programs into one integrated solution that can be used in any size organization. Listed below are some essential functions that make your software system stand out from its competitors.

6 Key Functions To Look For In A Volunteer Management Software

1. Online Volunteer Portal

You may have heard of a volunteer portal as an online space for volunteers to access their schedules and other information. But that’s only one of the many functions a volunteer management software can offer. Other key functions include access to training materials so volunteers can learn how to carry out their responsibilities more effectively and recognition tools so you can show appreciation for your volunteers’ hard work at the end of each year or program cycle.

2. Scheduling

You’ll want to look for a software system to schedule volunteers and events. It can be done on a calendar, in a spreadsheet, or even with an excel sheet. The important thing is that you can see where your volunteers are scheduled and which ones are available at any given time. The software should also have the ability to create multiple calendars with different permissions. 

It allows you to create event-based and volunteer-only calendars so that volunteers know what they need to do without being bothered by other events or activities that might conflict with their availability.

3. Volunteer Record Management

Volunteer record management is the third function you should look for in volunteer management software. This part of the software will allow you to track how many hours each volunteer has put in, as well as their skill set and interests. It can also help track availability, experience level (with specific organizations or jobs), performance reviews, completed training, and more. 

In addition to allowing you to manage your volunteers’ information individually, this feature will enable you to see which volunteers have already been allocated for future projects so that when it comes time to assign new tasks, there isn’t any overlap between available staff members.

4. Messaging & Group Communications

Now, let’s talk about messaging and group communications. Volunteers need to be able to communicate with their teammates, whether they’re on the ground or elsewhere in your organization. It means that you need an effective way of sending messages and ensuring the right people receive them at the right time. If you’re looking for software to help keep your volunteers organized, look no further than Blackbaud Volunteer Management (BVM). 

BVM has several great features that can help you send important updates and announcements so that everyone is informed. The mobile app allows users to stay connected from anywhere at any time. Suppose a volunteer needs access to information about upcoming events or opportunities. In that case, this allows them access without going through email or text messages whenever they want something done.

5. Reporting & Analytics

The reporting and analytics feature of Blackbaud Volunteer Management is reporting and analytics. This functionality allows you to report on the activity of volunteers, analyze that data, report on performance metrics, and analyze performance metrics. You can also use this tool to report on satisfaction surveys or other volunteer satisfaction data.

6. Mobile Capabilities

The reporting and analytics functionality is highly robust and can be used to build reports that include a variety of data points. You can report on volunteer activity, performance metrics, satisfaction surveys, and more. You can also set up automated emails triggered by specific events, such as when a new volunteer signs up or makes a donation. 

You can even use the software to run reports for specific periods and get the data exported into Excel for further analysis. A mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices, allowing your staff to access their volunteer schedule from anywhere at any time of day.

Volunteer Management Software

End Note

If you’re looking to expand your organization’s volunteer programs, there are several ways to do so. You can start by identifying the essential functions most important to your organization’s volunteers and then find software that provides them. If this sounds like something you want to do, it may be time for a new program!

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