What Is An All-On-Four Dental Implant Treatment?

All-On-Four Dental Implant Treatment

An all-on-four dental implant treatment can provide a good solution for many people. This surgery, however, is not for everyone. Pre-operative work, surgical process, recuperation time, fees, and more will all be covered here. This page should hopefully address your questions. But before you get started, please understand your options. There are some important things you should know before deciding to proceed with the procedure.

Pre-Operative Work

In most cases, All-on-Four (Ao4) dental implant treatment starts with a comprehensive consultation and assessment. In most cases, pre-operative work in an all on 4 dental implants will involve making impressions of the implant’s area. Sometimes, mockups are made to ensure that the final result looks right. These mockups give the dental team a quick overview of the proposed treatment and allow them to make necessary changes. For some patients, preparation work may include a dental extraction or bone graft. A dental implant may also require cleaning the extraction site.

Surgical Procedure

The surgical procedure for All-on-Four dental implant treatment is a complex surgical process that involves several steps. The first step consists in measuring the bone and determining the correct distance between the top and bottom jaw. Next, the surgeon will make a series of small incisions in the jaw to expose the jawbone and prepare it for the dental implants. Finally, it will ensure that the implant will fit while maintaining facial structure.

During the surgical procedure with providers like Central Texas Periodontics for All-on-Four dental implant treatment, your existing teeth will be removed. Your jawbone will then be shaped into an x-ray, and your implant surgeon will place the implants. The implants will become the base for your new teeth. Temporary replacement teeth will be attached to your new implants and remain in your mouth until the implants integrate into your jawbone. It may take up to five months. After the surgery, you will need to visit the oral surgeon for a follow-up appointment.


The cost of All-on-4 dental implant treatment is typically a bit higher than for other types of dental implantation procedures. However, the procedure is still less expensive than many other procedures. Although the procedure is generally expensive, some extenuating circumstances may affect the final price, including whether you need bone grafting or additional implant material, the brand of the implants, and whether you have dental insurance.

The average cost of an all-on-four dental implant treatment can be several thousand dollars. It can vary depending on how many implants are needed, the location of the dentist, and other factors. However, many people find that the cost is worth it. Even though the procedure isn’t cheap, many people find it worthwhile, especially with sufficient bone density. Therefore, some options are available to help you finance your dental implant treatment.

Recovery Time

If you are considering All-on-Four dental implant treatment, the recovery period will be much shorter than that of other procedures. All-on-Four dental implant treatment is minimally invasive and requires only one session. However, the length of your recovery will be determined by some factors, including the size, quality of your jaw bone, and your capacity to heal. The overall recovery time is about four to six weeks. In some cases, the patient may require additional dental procedures, such as bone grafting, which can cause more pain and result in longer recovery times.

Ideally, All-on-4 dental implant treatment candidates are missing a full arch of natural teeth and have minimal bone loss. Patients with only a few missing teeth can opt for implant-supported bridges or crowns. Partial dentures are another option for patients with tooth loss in different areas. All-on-Four dental implant treatment is a low-risk procedure, but patients should be aware of the recovery time and the potential risks.

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