What Is A Disclosure & Barring Service DBS Check?

Disclosure And Barring Service DBS

What is a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check? And what do employers charge for it? Read on to find out. There are many benefits of getting a DBS, but do employers need it? First, let’s look at the two main types of DBS checks. The first is the standard DBS, and the second is the updated version of the DBS Update Service.

UCLU Requires A Disclosure & Barring Service DBS

If you’re applying to UCLU as an international student, They will request a basic dbs check, so you’ll need to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check before starting your course. You’ll need to provide evidence from your country of origin or within the past five years or a copy of your passport if you’re not a UK resident. Your application may also be delayed if you don’t provide this information. EU identity cards will not suffice.

If you’re a British citizen, you may need to complete a DBS check if you wish to work in the UK. This check, formerly known as the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB), is a legal requirement for those who want to work with children or vulnerable adults. UCL will contact you if you need to complete a DBS check. If you have a criminal record, it will be good to check your DBS before applying to UCLU.

UCL requires that students undergo a DBS check if they wish to work in certain areas. This is essential for some positions at UCLU, such as student ambassadors and student mentors If you have a current disclosure, you’ll need to provide details and allow UCL to verify your status. You’ll also need to notify your program tutor if you have a criminal conviction.

Requirements For A Disclosure & Barring Service DBS

The DBS checks individuals’ criminal records for employment and voluntary activities, and it is a legal requirement for some roles. To safeguard the public from unfit personnel, the DBS maintains banning lists. Details on convictions, cautions, reprimands, or warnings can be found on barring lists. In addition, details on criminal records or vulnerable groups may be included on barring lists.

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 specifies what the DBS can and cannot check, and a person can fail a criminal record check if they have an unclean criminal record. An applicant may be exempt from a DBS if they have an old conviction or caution, but a minor conviction can be included as a warning. In addition, applicants must be 18 or over and under the age of 25.

Those who work in a voluntary organization must complete a Job Hazard Form with the relevant supervisor’s signature and submit it to the Occupational Health team. After receiving the completed form, the DBS will email an appointment to meet the health check. Once this is achieved, the applicant will receive the relevant clearance documents, such as a research passport. Alternatively, a person with a DBS check within the last six months can use an old one as evidence of a DBS update service.

Fees Charged By Employers For A Disclosure & Barring Service DBS

The employer’s fee for a DBS check is payable, but some do not charge this fee. The price depends on the type of check required, as a formal review is not expensive, while an enhanced check costs more. Either way, the employer should bear the cost of the check, which is easy to do online. The fees are usually listed in the job description. Most employers front the fee, and applicants should only request a DBS check once offered a position.

In 2015-16, the York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust spent PS70,000 on DBS checks for potential employees. The trust then introduced a process to recoup the cost from successful candidates, allowing them to spread the cost over six installments. The trust said charging for DBS checks had not affected recruitment. However, the new regulations mean that the price will remain low. However, how this will affect the amount of DBS checks being undertaken remains unclear.

The DBS makes barring decisions after a disciplinary process. If the DBS has barred a person, they will be unable to work with vulnerable groups. The DBS accepts referrals posted by employers. The flowchart provides information on the roles that require a DBS check.

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