What Exactly Is Done During An HVAC Maintenance Appointment?

HVAC Maintenance

If your HVAC in Olympia suddenly stops working properly, it can be incredibly frustrating. But with regular HVAC maintenance from a professional technician, many issues can be prevented before they occur. When you book a maintenance appointment, what exactly will be done during the visit? Here’s an overview of what you can expect.

They Will Thoroughly Inspect Your Equipment

The first thing a technician will do is visually inspect all aspects of your HVAC system. This includes carefully looking over the condenser unit outside, the furnace or air handler inside, all ductwork running through your home, thermostats, registers, fans and blowers. They are checking for any noticeable wear and tear, leaks, odd noises or other signs of trouble. This inspection lays the groundwork for the rest of the maintenance tasks.

Air Filters Will Be Replaced

One of the easiest but most important maintenance tasks is changing out old, dirty air filters for new ones. Clogged filters prevent proper airflow and make your system work much harder to keep you comfortable. New filters keep the air inside your home cleaner and ensure optimal efficiency.

All Moving Parts Will Be Checked

From fans and belts to motors and pulleys, technicians will examine all the moving inner workings of your HVAC equipment. They lubricate parts as needed so everything continues gliding along smoothly. Signs of wear on certain components may indicate they need eventual repair or replacement as well.

Refrigerant Levels & Pressures Get Assessed

The refrigerant circulating through an AC system gets checked to ensure there are no leaks and pressure is optimal. Low refrigerant levels can drastically reduce cooling capabilities. They may inject additional refrigerant if it’s gotten a bit low.

All Electrical Components Are Inspected

Technicians will have a peek at all the wires, fuses, sensors, circuits, connections and electrical components that operate your HVAC equipment. Faulty electrical parts are safety hazards and can completely stop the system from functioning properly.

The Condensate Drain Gets Cleaned

Air conditioning units produce a decent amount of water condensation that gets drained away from the system. Algae, mold and debris can clog up the drain line over time. Techs will clean the drain and pour a little bleach or condensate cleaner to keep it flow freely.

Your Ductwork Is Sanitized

Using an aerosol spray, a disinfecting and deodorizing treatment will be applied to the interior of your home’s ductwork. This eliminates dust and debris so only fresh, clean air flows through your vents. Removing these contaminants also improves indoor air quality and system efficiency.

Everything Gets Double Checked

At the end of the maintenance visit, a final examination ensures all repaired or replaced components are working correctly, all covers are sealed back up properly and any testing fluid used is cleaned out of the system. Your equipment will be left running smoothly from top to bottom.

HVAC Maintenance Should Be Annual

It’s generally recommended that comprehensive maintenance be performed on your home’s HVAC system once a year. While changing filters monthly is ideal for optimal performance, a full professional maintenance appointment allows technicians to be proactive and catch minor issues before they turn into major repairs. Problems can develop quickly, so having your system examined from stem to stern on an annual basis helps keep it functioning flawlessly day after day, season after season. Investing in yearly maintenance is the best way to maximize operational efficiency and prolong the overall lifespan of your expensive heating and cooling equipment.

Booking annual maintenance for your home’s HVAC is the best way to keep it operating reliably for many years. Now you know exactly what an appointment entails. Let the professionals tackle all these critical tasks, so you can enjoy cozy, breathable indoor air year-round.

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