What Do I Need To Start Playing The Piano?

Playing The Piano

Yes, you can learn piano online! It takes a little planning and flexibility, but even if you’ve never taken a lesson, you can learn to tickle the ivories in the comfort of your own home. There are many sources of online piano education providers like Forbes Music Company that offer virtual piano lessons.

What Do I Need To Start Playing The Piano?

Piano Or Keyboard

You will need a piano or keyboard to learn to start playing the piano. You can learn the very, very basics like key names and what the pedals are for, but you need an instrument that you can practice on.

Rent Time In A Music Studio

If you live in a small apartment or your neighbors complain about noise, look for a music store that rents studios. For an hourly fee, you can get access to an excellent piano that may be outside your price range.

Even if you are just beginning, you can experience the joy of practicing on a glistening baby grand piano. As an added benefit, the music studio takes care of tuning, maintenance, and even cleaning the studio.

Rent A Piano Or Keyboard

Renting a piano or keyboard is another low-cost way to start. Look at the websites for music stores in your community. You can start with a basic model, then move up as your skills improve. As a beginner, it can be difficult to know what type of piano to buy.

Another advantage of renting a keyboard or piano is that the price usually includes delivery to and from your home. Pianos need tuning and maintenance. This can be expensive, so take advantage of letting a music store tend to the details at the beginning.

Buy A Piano Or Keyboard

Buying a piano is the next option. If you know someone who plays or teaches the keyboard, ask for help. It’s even better if you can get them to come along on your shopping trip.

Look for deals on Craigslist or online sales at Amazon or musical instrument providers. The piano is a popular instrument, so there will be many students who either give up or sell their starter keyboard to move up to a professional model.

Another great source of advice is local piano teachers and choir leaders. They may know someone trying to sell a piano. If they’ve taught the student, they probably also have inside information about how well the previous owner cared for the piano.

If you buy a piano, budget for a delivery service. Even if you have a truck and move your own furniture, a piano is delicate. Make sure you know what you are doing so that you don’t damage the piano. Piano repairs are expensive, so you may cost yourself more by moving it yourself than by hiring a professional piano service.

Also, budget for piano tuning. You can find a good tuner by contacting local music stores or talking to piano teachers. Pianos need tuning after moving, before performances, and after seasonal weather changes. If none of these apply, budget for tuning at least once a year along with a maintenance check.

Piano tuning is not an easy DIY project, but it can be done. Look for good videos on YouTube or guide books at your library. According to DC Piano Tuning, a do-it-yourselfer can tune a piano to an acceptable level for practice with the right equipment.

Now that you have a keyboard or piano, look for a piano teacher who offers lessons online. You will be making beautiful music soon!

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