What Distinguishes European Auto Repair From Domestic?

What Distinguishes European Auto Repair From Domestic

Regarding auto repair, there are significant differences between domestic vehicles and Euro imports. These include cost, quality of parts and mechanic training.

If you own a European vehicle, finding a shop with the skills and experience to service your car correctly is essential. Choosing the right auto shop can make all the difference in your vehicle’s lifespan.

High-End Steering & Suspension Systems

Steering and suspension systems are crucial to the safety of any vehicle on the road. If they are not working correctly, a car can be hard to control and ride harshly.

Suspension systems absorb the energy of road bumps and imperfections that the tires encounter. It limits the amount of kinetic energy transferred to your tires, increasing their lifespan and making your ride comfortable for you and your passengers.

If your car has an aging or worn suspension system, it may be time to bring it for repair and maintenance. It includes examining lower ball joints, tie rod ends, and steering gears to ensure all components are in good condition.

Warranty Issues

A quality European auto repair shop is one of the best places to take your BMW, Mercedes or Bentley for a spin. A top-notch facility like European auto repairs Lakewood CO will be on your list of stops for routine maintenance and major repair and replacement. The best part is that savvy consumers can select the shop that fits their budgetary constraints best. A bit of research and a little elbow grease will give you a better understanding of what your car is telling you and what it needs to keep you on the road longer and for less.

Specialized Knowledge Of Manual Transmissions

Mechanics specializing in European cars require more specialized training than their domestic counterparts. It is especially true when diagnosing and repairing standard transmission vehicles like Audis, VW, Mercedes and BMWs.

In transmission technology, there are many models and configurations. The more impressive features include a dual-clutch system, gear shifting, and automatic transmissions. The best part is that a properly maintained transmission will keep your vehicle on the road for years. Keeping yours up to par means regular maintenance and testing of the transmission fluid to ensure it is in good condition. It also entails the occasional filter change for optimal performance. The most important part of this puzzle is finding a qualified mechanic you can trust. The seasoned professionals can help you with your next vehicle maintenance or repair needs.

Quality Of Parts

When your vehicle needs European auto repair, it’s essential to choose a shop that uses only factory parts – the original parts developed for your vehicle by its manufacturer. These OEM (or Original Equipment Manufacturer) car parts will ensure that your repairs are performed correctly and won’t compromise the quality of your BMW, Volkswagen, & Mercedes vehicle.

The right European mechanic will have specialized knowledge of OEM parts and the proper installation tools. Non-factory, aftermarket parts can often cause damage and may even void your warranty.

Because European vehicles are built for speed and performance, their systems require special attention when serviced or repaired. A foreign and European auto repair specialist will have the parts and expertise to handle all issues your vehicle may face, including faulty tires, brakes, and transmission systems. They will also have the tools and parts to ensure your vehicle remains on the road as quickly as possible – and at a fraction of dealership prices.

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