What Are The Most Requested Handyman Services?

Handyman Services

There are some handymen who choose to specialize in a certain field. However, you’re more likely to work as a jack of all trades. A handyman can do everything from painting to drywall installation. The word ‘handyman’ has ‘handy’ in it for a reason. People find them very handy when it comes to doing work around the house.

But what are the services that someone who calls themselves a handyman should be able to perform? In this article, we’ll look at the tasks that are the most requested. We will also look at what a handyman needs so they can do their job properly.

1. Plumbing 

One of the most requested services for handymen is plumbing. You could get a lot of requests to replace the garbage disposal. A lot of people don’t know how to use a plunger. They know even less how their toilet actually works, or even their bathroom sink.

A handyman should be able to take on most of the common plumbing jobs. You should know how to install a new faucet or a bathroom fixture. Knowing how to unclog a toilet can help you. Also consider learning about re-piping.

Keep in mind that you’ll only be able to take on minor jobs. This is as for major plumbing jobs, in most of the states of the country, you’ll need to have a plumber’s license. That doesn’t mean that you can’t take on major plumbing jobs, such as re-piping a whole house. But in the 44 states that require you to have a plumber’s license to do this work, you’ll need to hire a plumber as a subcontractor. They will need to oversee the project in order for you to be able to work on it.

2. Drywall Installation 

Drywall provides homes with insulation. It can also improve the fire resistance of both the walls as well as the ceilings. But there are people who haven’t had their drywall upgraded in years. This can become a problem later on.

Another commonly requested handyman services is drywall installation. It could be for home improvement, or even to repair damage from water. Because drywall installation is so popular, there are handymen who choose to offer just this service.

As a handyman, you should be able to repair or install drywall. You should also be able to do drywall finishing. The kind of work you’ll need to do includes:

  • Preventing cracks from becoming settled
  • Dealing with wear and tear
  • Repairing damage from moisture
  • Repairing damage caused by rodents
  • Dealing with anchor holes
  • Hanging drywall
  • Taping as well as mudding drywall
  • Doing painting and providing other finishing touches

Essentially, you should be able to do anything and everything related to drywall installation and repair.

3. Damaged Gutter Repair 

A lot of people don’t think that getting rid of leaves from their gutter drain is all that important. This is, until they find themselves needing to climb a ladder that is wobbly, to clean out the leaves.

There are a lot of people with a fear of heights, and they also don’t trust themselves to climb using a ladder safely. This means that both cleaning and repairing gutters is difficult for them.

But this fear of heights is something that you can use to your financial advantage. This is as people who don’t want to clean their gutter themselves, will usually call you to do the work for them. If the gutter is damaged in any way, then you’re even more likely to get a call from them.

Handymen already have a lot of experience with climbing ladders. You can use the time on the roof to not just identify what the damage in the gutter is, but also to inspect damages on the roof.

As a handyman, you should also consider insurance for handyman. This is as your career leaves you vulnerable to certain risks, such as getting sued by clients. With insurance for handyman, you can protect your career as well as your finances. If you would like to learn more about insurance for handymen, then click here.

4. Replacing Fixtures 

Eventually, fixtures need to be replaced. This is as with time, things wear down. They could also go out of style. Fixtures will eventually need to be replaced. These include:

  • Cabinets
  • Kitchen faucets
  • Lighting fixtures

For most of the replacement jobs that you’ll be called in to do, you don’t need to have a license. This is what makes replacing fixtures such an ideal job for handymen. Some of the jobs you get can even be small DIY projects that the homeowner is uncomfortable doing by themselves.

5. Patching & Repairing Paint Jobs 

The paint on the wall could be scraped by furniture. Maybe someone accidentally punched a hole that went through the drywall. Painting, as well as patching walls, are some of the most requested jobs for handymen.

There are a lot of people who know how to paint. But there are less people who know how to replace a small part of the drywall that has been damaged. You should know how to do:

  • Spackling
  • Patching
  • Painting
  • Sanding

Even if there are minor scrapes or ‘holes’ on a wall that is pristine white. As a handyman, you should be able to make the wall look brand new.

6. Laying Tiles 

Installing tiles is more like an art than it is a skill. You could already have seen tile installation jobs that didn’t go so well. It sounds simple enough. But there’s a lot more that needs to be done, to make the tile installation look perfect

These include:

  • You should be able to measure the floor space so that the tiles can be fitted seamlessly
  • You’ll need to lay as well as cut tiles so that wasted space can be prevented
  • You’ll need to be careful to ensure that the final layout doesn’t look crooked
  • You should be able to waterproof the tiles as well

It can be tricky to lay a tile or even install a backsplash. As a professional handyman, you should have the tools needed to ensure that your job goes well. After you work on the floor, there should be a noticeable difference from how it looked before.

7. Painting 

Painting is one of the most requested jobs for handymen. You could be asked to paint both the exteriors and the interiors. There are a lot of people that can paint, but fewer people can paint well.

Painting a room can be a lot of work. You should be able to do the job efficiently, and for that, you’ll need the right tools. These include:

  • Paint brushes
  • Paint rollers
  • Paint
  • Drop cloths
  • Masking tape
  • Furniture covers
  • Ladder

There are some handymen who choose to specialize as painters simply because the demand for painters is so high. So if you think you don’t mind spending the day painting, then this kind of work could be perfect for you.

8. Deck Construction & Repair 

Sometimes, people want to add a patio or a deck to their home. Installing a deck isn’t easy, and neither is repairing it. You could be called in to install or repair a deck, and for that, you may need to hire a team of people. With a crew who can help you with deck constriction, you’ll be able to take on more such jobs.


These were the most requested handyman jobs. If you offer one or more of these jobs, then you’re more likely to find a steady stream of work. From plumbing to drywall installation, choose to offer either one or more of these services to get more jobs on a regular basis.


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