What Are Bin & Low-Boy Containers?

What Are Bin And Low-Boy Containers

The difference between a low-boy and a bin is the type of walls. A low-boy allows you to load more difficult-to-load materials like rocks, dirt, and concrete. These containers are ideal for hard-to-load materials and can be ordered free of charge and quickly. To learn more about low-boys, read on. Listed below are some benefits of low-boys. Then, read on to learn more about the different sizes available. You can also learn more at bin and low-boy containers Los Angeles CA.

16-Yard Roll-Off Container

If you want to get rid of debris in your house or business, you may want to rent a low-boy container or 16-yard roll-off bin. The low-boy container is smaller than a roll-off dumpster but has the same height and width. Typically, these containers can hold up to ten tons of material. A low-boy dumpster is also excellent for home renovation projects because it allows you to load it quickly and can be serviced on a scheduled basis or when necessary.

The low-boy container is smaller than a roll-off dumpster and has a smaller footprint than a roll-off bin. Low-boy containers should be placed in an area with plenty of room to open. Unfortunately, not all dumpster rental companies like Prime Dumpster Inc. offer low-boy containers. If you’re in a tight space, you can opt for a walk-in roll-off container.

Non-Organic Materials Accepted

In California, you can recycle and dispose of various waste materials with a bin or low-boy container. The blue container uses multiple recyclable materials, including organic waste, cardboard, and paper products. Below are some of the permitted materials for the bin and low-boy containers. Non-organic materials accepted for the bin and low-boy containers are outlined below.

Food scraps, glass, metal, and bottles are non-organic recyclables. The city defines a grocery store as a retail establishment primarily selling canned and dry goods, fresh produce, meat, and fish. It also includes any area within a grocery store that is not independently owned, such as the meat, seafood, and bakery departments. The regulations on acceptable materials for the bin and low-boy containers are detailed in 14 CCR Section 18995.4.

A Door That Swings Open

Dumpsters with swinging doors make it easy to walk debris into the container. Please ensure you allow plenty of room around the dumpster when it is placed in your driveway or yard so it can swing open easily. Also, remember that the door may have to swing open a bit to prevent hitting a garage or sidewalk. To make sure that the door opens easily, place the dumpster a few feet away from an entry on your property.

Sizes Available

There are several sizes of the bin and low-boy containers, including a ten cubic yard model. This container is ideal for household projects that generate a small amount of garbage. It measures eight feet long by two feet wide and stands approximately 36 inches high. This container is typically used to dispose of yard waste, mainly brush. In addition, it is ideal for a small kitchen or bathroom remodel or garage decluttering.

In addition to the sizes mentioned above, there are special low-boy containers for concrete and asphalt. Low-boy containers are typically six cubic yards, about the size of two pickup trucks. Because of this container’s low-level design, its sides’ height is approximately half of the height of a standard roll-off dumpster. If you need a larger container, ask about the 12-yard low-boy container.

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