Virtual Corporate Event Ideas

Virtual Corporate Event Ideas

Whether you’re hosting an in-person event or a virtual corporate event, there is some planning that has to go into it. Such as, what will the event be? When hosting a virtual event, you’re met with a unique challenge or making sure everyone feels included since you’re not all together in the same place. Virtual corporate events still can have a lasting impression or guests if you play your cards right. If you need help planning, hiring a corporate event planning company might be the right move. Here are a few ideas for your next virtual corporate event:

Virtual Office Games/Game Shows 

This is the most popular idea for hosting a virtual event. A game show or trivia night (of any subject) is likely always a hit. Everyone loves a good family/work game night, and this is an easy activity to host virtually. There are even some platforms that help you create your own jeopardy game. The possibilities are endless!

Virtual Campfire 

This is another great idea to host virtually. A virtual campfire can be achieved by having everyone make and enjoy s’mores virtually, as if they were around a campfire. Feel free to tell funny/scary stories or just catch up with each other. You can also incorporate games as well. You could also send purchasable s’mores kits to send to your attendees beforehand, so they have the ingredients they need.

Virtual Pet Meet 

One thing about working in an office, you’ve likely heard a lot about your co-workers’ pets but haven’t had a chance to meet them. Consider hosting a virtual pet meeting, where all the attendees introduce and show off their pets. This is such a fun and unique idea and all of the pet owners (and even non-pet owners) will enjoy this event.

Virtual Scavenger Hunts 

Yes, virtual scavenger hunts are a thing and they could be great for your next virtual event. There are scavenger hunts for students, employees, kids, adults, and more! Choose which one you think is best for your corporate event and get started!

Hosting a virtual event doesn’t mean you have to take the exciting and fun out of planning an event. The ultimate goal should be to bring everyone together, and you can achieve that goal by hosting one of these virtual events. These events likely can take about an hour, and are a great way to just engage and chat with your team.

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