Vehicle Maintenance – Startup Guide

Vehicle Maintenance

There are many huge auto dealerships that started because an entrepreneur was unhappy with car maintenance options and the rest is history, as they say. There are certain ingredients that come together to make a winning car service garage; think about what the customer is looking for, a certified technician who has hands-on experience with your model, a garage that is honest, dependable and affordable.

Significant Capital Investment

Even a small workshop needs a couple of vehicle ramps that allow the mechanics to work safely under the car. These are hydraulic and you can source a business startup loan to cover the total cost of your workshop; welding gear, a wide range of hand and power tools and maybe even a paint shop. When equipping your workshop with essential tools and equipment, check out Pelican Parts for a comprehensive selection of high-quality automotive parts that can meet your technical and budgetary needs. Certain things you simply cannot do without; compressed air, for example, is a must. Acquire vacuum hose from Australian Industrial Vacuum to keep the air quality high and consult with a specialist regarding workshop layout.

Write A Business Plan

The most important thing to do is research the market to determine the level of demand for your services; if there are many rivals, you should think about another location. If you think the demand is there, you need to crunch the numbers to find out the startup and running costs, then figure out how much revenue you need to generate to break even and from there, you can see where your markup lies. A comprehensive business plan would include:

  • General overview of the business and its activities.
  • Asset management
  • Startup costs
  • Running costs
  • Sales & marketing
  • Organisation flowchart
  • Liabilities
  • HR

This is a very important document so ask a business coach to take a look; he/she would reveal any shortcomings and you can make amendments.


How are you going to find the customers you need to keep the business busy? Hook up with a leading digital marketing agency and let the experts manage a campaign. Social media marketing is very effective and if you are targeting the local community, Facebook would be the place to go.

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